Snakes on a plain

Guy with pythonWhat could top the mini-pig of Mission Hill?

Jacq87 reports seeing a guy walking toward Stony Brook station in Jamaica Plain this afternoon with a python around his neck. Fortunately for him, it seems, not too tightly, either. Hmm, wonder if Penelope needs a date.

H/t Tim for the headline.



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    Cute Headline, Adam! It took

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    Cute Headline, Adam! It took me a few seconds to get it and that's my very own stop in JP. Heat brain, I guess. Hope the guy didn't take that thing on the train but he probably did...

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    Reminds me of Revere Beach

    There's a guy that walks up and down Revere Beach with a snake seemingly every single evening through the summers. And he's been doing it for years!

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    I think I saw this same guy

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    I think I saw this same guy in Franklin Park yesterday. Giant python wrapped around him..

    A park ranger drove by him and rolled down the window "Sir, you cannot smoke in the park.".

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