Snowbrawl fight on the Esplanade

What do several hundred BU students do? Descend on Storrow Drive and the Esplanade. Police, of course, arrived not long after to break things up.

More video (snowball fight starts about 1:00).



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Thank goodness!

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Thank goodness we had a travel ban on freeing the cops up to break up snowball fights!

In Boston, the police break

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In Boston, the police break up the snowball fight and at U Wisconsin Madison they have a snowball fight ON CAMPUS during finals week. Boston is soft

According to some comments

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According to some comments elsewhere, the cop stopped to check it out (and maybe he would have broken it up eventually, but who knows), and some moron wouldn't stop throwing snowballs at him, even after being told to stop.

All it takes is one idiot to ruin a good thing, sometimes.


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50 Thousand a year for school and no one knows how to make a snowball. Did the blizzard forced the grounding of the state police drones before they could put an end to this insurection.


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I have never been happier to live here. Seriously. :)

Police, of course, arrived

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Police, of course, arrived not long after to break things us.

"Break things us" does sound like Boston police.