So you think you can cover a trial of the century?

Every single reporter covering the Bulger trial is, of course, livetweeting the testimony. For the most part, the tweets, by their very nature, are just brief little nuggets of testimony (last week, during testimony on some of the murders, it was like a horror remake of "Groundhog Day" as each reporter followed the other with basically the same exact description of a bullet in the head or a rope that was too thick, over and over again).

But sometimes ...

Today's most dramatic moment was when the Rifleman took the stand and he and Bulger briefly locked eyes. Laurel Sweet at the Herald tweeted:

Flemmi appeared to drink #Bulger in like beer thrown at a man dying of thirst.

That inspired Meg Tripp to try her own trial simile:

Flemmi appeared to want to wear #Bulger like a giant curly red wig, like a clown with folliculitis.

Think you can top that?



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    Bulger and Flemmi briefly locked eyes, mutually glaring poisoned daggers, each disgusted with, but still fascinated with, each other. Like a Bromance turned bitter, with thrown plates and nasty pillow-talk...

    How's that?

    WAY too long, friend

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    Nice try but you do remember that there is a 140 character limit on Tweets, right?

    Come on,

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    These are not real? Can I play? "Bulger's eyes, like burning coals, tore into Flemmi, like a starving man tearing into a large Italian from Landos."


    ...given the players, you can succinctly describe one ripping the other a new one. :)

    Flemmi's eyes scanned Bulger

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    Flemmi's eyes scanned Bulger like a Toshiba with slight color issues from years of misuse in a small office.

    His fate is sealed?

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    Ami Chitwood ripostes:

    "Bulger's gaze devoured Flemmi, like a great white shark - you know - the one on the Cape eating seals."

    Challenge Accepted.

    Bulger and Flemmi, locked into a death-spiral, a tight orbit of two bodies of degenerate matter, prepared to mutually annihilate each other.

    You wanna bring sharks into this?

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    "Bulger desired to see Flemmi have to fight the Sharknado with his bare hands...or it would have if Whitey could get SyFy on the jail TVs."