Some commute

Snow, dead trains on the Orange Line and commuter rail, tonight had it all. Some examples:



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    I was afraid there was going

    I was afraid there was going to be a riot in the busway at Harvard - I waited an hour for a 71 bus, the last twenty minutes of which was spent with a bus parked in the tunnel, refusing to take passengers, saying "Route 71, service to Watertown Square" over and over while a grown man literally wailed at the lack of a bus. No explanation, of course, from anyone, including the driver of the parked bus the gods had clearly sent just to torture us.


    Near riots at Oak Grove, too.

    I got to Oak Grove at about 8:30PM. My jaw dropped as the Reading bus I was to take pulled in to the busway on (more or less) time. But then I heard shouting and swearing, and I quickly realized that this Reading bus was an imposter -- it was actually heading to Malden. People were actually hitting the bus and I didn't blame them. There were no station officials to tell us when the *actual* Reading bus was to come. The accosted driver of the imposter bus assured us that it would come "shortly". I gave it a few minutes and decided to walk home -- it was faster!


    Five to six miles an hour

    All my buddies on FB are checking in with reports of "progress" in traffic that all pretty much amount to 5 mph.

    We left Davis Square at 4:15 and it took us 40-45 minutes to get home. We can drunkwalk that distance in 40-45 minutes (although I took a different route to avoid some known bad news areas). No complaints here, though - we have friends who have spent hours getting home by train and bus or by car tonight.



    VA Hospital to Jackson Sq: ~10 mins

    Orange Line, Jackson Sq - Haymarket: ~50 mins (severe delays)

    Waiting for a 426: ~40 mins

    426, Haymarket - Revere: ~90 mins

    ~3.25 hours

    Usually takes one hour.


    A friend of mine posted that

    A friend of mine posted that she was getting out of work early because of the snow. I kinda scoffed, because, um, four inches of snow. But, now I can see why.

    Horrific. Also reminds me of a winter evening about five or six years ago when late-afternoon snow royally f'ed up the evening commute. Does anyone remember what I'm talking about?


    Kingston Kaos

    My cousin who is a Kingston cop warned me to be careful coming home tonight as a gang of thugs beat a commuter pretty bad last night and left him in a snow bank and until paramedics could treat him and take him to the emergency room at Jordan Hospital

    And just as the snow was ending

    the MBTA decided to shut down the Green Line between Park Street and North Station for no apparent reason maintenance

    Green Line diverted due to maintenance. All service terminating at Park St Station. Service running from Lechmere to North Station. Utilize Blue and Orange lines for service to Government Ctr and Haymarket Stations.

    Last updated: Dec 17 2013 9:24 PM

    Of course, the fact the MBTA decided to shut off the Brattle Loop (westbound from Haymarket to eastbound to Haymarket through Government Center station) so they can store equipment for the Government Center project - which isn't going to start until at least April now - didn't help matters.

    Brattle closure

    The Brattle loop track was rebuilt from scratch. The equipment on it was used for its reconstruction. I'm not sure why they have yet to reopen the track, though, since the loop is now repaired AFAIK. Also, depending on where the broken rail was, the Brattle Loop may have proved useless anyway.

    Was the Brattle loop really in such bad shape

    (as compared to the rest of the track in the Central Subway) that they couldn't wait until starting the Government Center project to completely re-lay the track? Particularly given that it's not used in regular service.

    Sounds to me like this is another case of "for the safety and convenience of our employees/contractors" that the MBTA is famous for.