Some people just don't know when to shut up, DA says

Douglas Bergeron, prosecutors say, just couldn't leave well enough alone.

When the Medford man got on a Route 117 bus with a companion on Oct. 13, he tried to pay for both both their fares with his CharlieCard, but it turned out his card didn't have enough stored value. Rather than kicking one of them off, the driver just waved them both on and told them to have a seat, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office. And then, the DA's office says:

Despite being allowed to ride for free, Bergeron allegedly began a lengthy exposition of why he was traveling without any money. It included an account of his sexual activity that day and an admission that he “had to rob somebody to get some money,” but it failed to explain why he was unable to pay his fare.

At some point, Bergeron allegedly became heated and violent, shouting in the face of the driver who had allowed him to ride for free and allegedly striking him in the face. At that point, the driver lost control of the bus, which struck one parked vehicle and led to significant body damage to that vehicle and two others. The driver suffered facial contusions, a fractured finger, and a sprained wrist.

Although he was picked up within 24 hours of the crash, Bergeron's arraignment for the bus crash was delayed until today so that he could first answer other charges in Malden, the DA's office says.

At his arraignment today on charges of assault and battery on a public employee, interfering with a bus driver and three counts of wanton destruction of property, Bergeron had bail set at $300. Prosecutors had asked for $5,000 - and to have his bail on an unrelated Chelsea charge revoked. Judge Benjamin Barnes declined to do so.

Innocent, etc.



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You really need a tag for "nitwits on the T".

Judges don't ride buses

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He attacks a driver causing a bus to crash nearly killing passengers and gets a low bail. If you park in the wrong spot at the airport the staties will take you down at gunpoint and your bail will be revoked.


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Dude, the driver was nice enough to let you on. You didn't have to go on that tirade or tell everyone what you did. Totally unnecessary. I think we need a "stupid criminals" section, and all the bus spitters and track trespassers, and this guy should all be in it. Then again, I think that's what the "Innocent, etc." means.

How many passengers suing the T for injuries?

The judge let's a DB off with low bail, meanwhile the driver and passengers cash in on supposed injuries resulting from the DB. So the DB told the driver he had no money after paying some ho, or did he actually find a woman to do him for free? Women are kind beyond all reason, but there are limits...

["DB": Douche Bag; "ho": whore, prostitute]

Town politics

Accuracy isn't a goal for the Master Plan document being created for use in the next ten years. No documented process for the project, no built-in QA process for verifying anything at any stage, no ticket system to track errors, no accurate statistical methods used to gather data from residents. Public events are run like team building exercises with secretive processes. You might think people in government go to school to learn how to badly do projects, from town level to obamacare sign-up web sites.

a nice effort, but maybe next

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a nice effort, but maybe next time you should try reading the sentence you just wrote again before moving on to the next one