Some Boston streets hit the plowing jackpot

Bateman Street, RoslindaleSee it larger

While Bateman Street in Roslindale (above) was down to bare pavement this afternoon, Belmont Street in Charlestown looked like it had been transported to Hoth:

Belmont Street in CharlestownSee it larger.



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I hope you've complained to the city, and not just "us".

We had some streets cleared just this afternoon. the narrower streets were classified as 'unplowable' by the city and had to wait for front loaders to physically remove the snow.

The city needs to communicate

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The city needs to communicate this to people on the narrow streets. The only logical conclusion most of us have drawn at this point is that they fell down on the job and screwed us over in the process. I have not seen this communication anywhere from the City, and I've been checked the snow site frequently.

People on my narrow street spent yesterday shoveling sidewalks and cars. They came back out today to tackle getting the 2 foot high snow off the street because help was absolutely nowhere in site. We got about halfway though (5 houses worth) before a front loader came up at 3 PM today (Sunday). Prior to that people had put in plow requests and had them closed as resolved, and that *really* pissed people off. No one told anyone that special equipment was needed to do the job and were on the way.

A little communication would make everyone a little happier and a little more patient in this situation.


My 2-wheel-drive vehicle got stuck on Wood Avenue...totally ignored. On the slight upgrade, I couldn't cut it.

Fortunately, a couple of locals had shovels and salt. We worked as a team for 20 minutes to get me turned around and headed back to Cummings.

This goes to the death triangle and is a pretty heavily traveled road. Someone apparently forgot to inform Public (non-)Works. Harrumph.


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Our street was mainly down to the pavement (most likely because we're on the #11 bus route), but thanks to some of our lovely neighbors who started a trend, we're back to being somewhat snow covered. I wish the people who waited until late Sunday afternoon to clean their car off realized it's not the best idea to just throw all of the snow back into the street. The plow guys had already done a good job--they need to get onto these streets that haven't been cleared at all.

When someone blocks your street, undo it

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I saw more than one case where some thoughtless person had cleaned off his or her car and left a huge pile of snow in the street -- a pile big enough that a fire truck might or might not make it, but an ambulance probably would not be able to get through.

And I went by one of these spots later to see a couple of guys shoveling vigorously... clearing the road beautifully... and packing the removed snow around and under the offending car.

I think that's great. It does not damage anyone's property. It's not escalatory -- which putting a shovel through the jackass's windshield or spiking his tires would be. It gets the message across. And, most importantly, it fixes the problem: a previously blocked street became passable.

Unless they saw someone doing

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Unless they saw someone doing it, how do they know which car it came from?

And if they did see it, they could have asked the person to stop, or clean it up after.

'Twas pretty obvious

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At the time I walked by, it was pretty obvious where the snow had come from: a freshly-cleaned car with an enormous mound of snow in the street right next to it. There was no other plausible source of the snow piled in the street.

What would asking the person to stop or clean it up after have accomplished? Do you think the person really didn't already realize that he or she was being a selfish antisocial dick, that he was putting his neighbors' lives and property at risk by blocking emergency access? Do you think that pointing it out would have changed his or her behavior?

What is going on?

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I understand we got a lot of snow, but the city kept touting over 600 trucks on the road. What did they do? Main streets look good, but it's 48 hrs later and side streets haven't been touched.....AT ALL. Who watches these trucks? Who watches the people who watches these trucks? I've heard contractors get over $250 an hour? Not sure if its true. And why did they take a break last night? It takes 6 hrs to "refuel"? There should have been a second wave that could have worked while others "refueled". Have to think plows lost ground taking 6 hrs off.

This city was a salt bowl for 2 months (while only getting a couple inches of snow). Now it actually snows and this happens. I have to be to work on Tuesday. Hope they get JP (Weld Hill/wachusett) plowed so I can get out. I'm not that confident....

No plow in sight for past 48 hrs

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I also live at that end if JP and have seen some bad storms the past 15 years. Plows always kept up. The backup beeping thru the night was always reassuring. Not this time. I've never seen neighborhood streets completely ignored before now. Thank god there hasn't been an emergency.

Same situation on my street

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Same situation on my street in Dorchester. Last time I saw a plow was early afternoon Friday when snow as light and there was nothing on the ground, then nothing until the front loader came 3 PM Sunday. I've been through big storms, and never experienced one where the city completely ignored the street by not sending any plows by ever. I thought it was just an aberration, but the more I hear, the more it seems maybe it was part of the actual attach plan, and as such the city really should have communicated that to residents so that people with medical issues who would have been put in harms way losing power and being snowed in could have the chance to choose to stay somewhere else.

Bateman vs. Belmont

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Does someone with connections live on Bateman? And no one w connections lives on Belmont?

We live on L Street in South

We live on L Street in South Boston, and while yes we can see the actual pavement this main road, Evacuation road, is barely a two-lane road anymore. Once the parking ban is lifted and people start parking on the street again it will be tight for one car to fit at a time. The snow banks are 6 feet off the curb on the even side, and about 4 ft on the odd side. The snowbanks at the corners are massive, which is making turning dangerous. Not to mention the side streets are a nightmare. Barely plowed, and again FEET from the parked cars. I praise all the men/women who have worked tirelessly, but come on! A little help?! The Mayor's line was zero help. They told me to shovel it, which I will do for our two cars when the ban is lifted...isn't this one of the reasons I pay taxes to own property in this city?

That's why they call it a state of emergency!

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People, chill! OMG you can't drive down your street? There has been a ban on driving! The T was shut! It's Sunday! Give us a break & walk or stay home! Cool your jets, it is not business as usual!!

Not what I said

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I don't own own a car. I'm fit and can climb over mounds of snow to get to the T. My elderly neighbors can't, my pregnant neighbor would rather not, and all of us are wondering what would happen if there was a fire or medical emergency. No ambulance or fire truck could get within a 1/4 mile.

I'm wondering why, almost 36 hrs after the snow stopped, there hasn't been a single plow anywhere near here. Or many other neighborhoods.

As in ...

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Occupy City Hall Plaza?

Me, too

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(As I said in a comment on a Herald article...)

Same thing in Upham's Corner.

From Saturday morning to early Sunday afternoon: Glendale, Sayward, and Baker with mid-block mini-mountains that some plow pushed up and left there; no sign that Drayton and Bodwell ever saw a plow; and one block of Bird barely passable.

Multiple calls to the Mayor's hotline Saturday. Tried to explain it wasn't even about the driving. God forbid there was a fire or another tragedy like that poor boy on Nazing St - no ambulance or fire truck could've gotten near. Would the Mayor have taken responsibility?

No results 'til Sunday midday. They sent out a pickup and plow too small to move those mounds. We were told "it was the same all over - lots of side streets blocked" and that there was a front-end loader making the rounds with a list of 30 streets to clear. Finally cleared early/mid-afternoon.

We're trapped in Newmarket as well.

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Mass Ave, from what I can see from my back porch, looks well cleaned off- none of the side streets near Theo Glynn Way have been touched. We're trapped and even with the entire neighborhoood calling/emailing the city, we're still in the same situation.

There have been big fires near us in the past few years; should another one happen, we're all done for.

Not even a hint of a plow/front loader/ guy with a ton of salt/sand.

Oh, but the city thinks we'll get our trash collected today.


Allston sidestreets were a mess, too

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Comm Ave was clear during the height of the storm, but everything south of Comm Ave, from Harvard Ave to Wallbridge (at least, that's as far as I walked) and Brainerd-Corey Rds. were 2 feet deep.

The spot where Brainerd turns into Corey had been turned into a sledding hill. A bunch of college kids with cardboard were cheering on little kids with plastic sleds. It was cute, actually.