Somebody is breaking into homes in JP, Roslindale and West Roxbury by climbing through windows

Boston Police report they are investigating five housebreaks in the three neighborhoods over the past couple of days - four of them in which they have evidence the burglar or burglars entered via a window.

The news comes just a few days after police warned a trio of kids were going around the South Street area in Jamaica Plain, grabbing whatever they could through open first-floor windows.

In the latest incidents, police say the thief or thieves hit: 70 Edgemere Rd. and 106 Margaretta Dr. in West Roxbury, 121 Sycamore St. in Roslindale and 82 Jamaica St. and 32 Mozart St. in Jamaica Plain.

The times of the burglaries have varied from 12:47 p.m. to 12:07 a.m.

Police are urging residents to lock their windows - especially basement and first-floor windows.



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    Shutting my windows...

    By on

    ..the way my luck has been lately, if they try this at my house my dog would bite them and I'd get sued!!

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    Thieves are idiots - that's the best defense against them.

    By on

    In June or July there were some break ins in the South Street area. One morning walking to work I saw a fellow intently peering at every house. Something told me he was not looking to buy property nor was a utility person, etc. He was wearing orange fluorescent sneakers. Sort of stood out. I called the police and hopefully they sent an officer to track the fellow down and ask what was so interesting about every house on the street. His idiocy was to wear sneakers that made his stand out (besides the dubious behavior).

    While not a fan of slogans for paranoia there is still some truth to the idea that if you see someone acting suspiciously in your neighborhood call the cops.

    Anyone read Jane Jacob's Death and Life of American Cities? That is exactly what she is talking about when it comes to protecting the home and neighborhood.

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    I called the police and

    I called the police and hopefully they sent an officer to track the fellow down and ask what was so interesting about every house on the street.

    Oh, yeah, I'm sure they got right on that.

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    Gut Feelings

    You may have had the right gut feeling. I'm reacting with the same gut feeling right now. Several weeks ago, my daughter was the victim of an unprovoked attack by a dark-skinned person in his 30's with dubious behavior (blank staring and lack of appropriate reactions) and fluorescent orange sneakers. He was also carrying a backpack. He was followed and arrested by the police. If this is the same person, you did the right thing. Avoid him and call the police if he is in the area acting suspiciously. He can escalate to physical violence very quickly and without warning.

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