Woman hit, killed by train in Beverly

Busing between Montserrat and Prides Crossing on the Newburyport/Rockport Line due to the strike at near South Thissel Street around 9:50 a.m. The MBTA reports:

A railroad trespasser was struck by an inbound commuter rail train in Beverly. The incident did not occur at a station nor a crossing. The trespasser was on the tracks in a wooded area. Train #114 has about 90 passengers aboard it. They will be transferred to another train while Transit Police conduct an investigation.



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Doesn't make sense

Busing between Montserrat and Prides Crossing on the Newburyport/Rockport Line due to the strike at Beverly Farms.

I realize you're just going based off what people are reporting and what the MBTA itself is saying, but Beverly Farms is not between Montserrat and Prides Crossing. The station order: Beverly Depot, Montserrat, Prides Crossing, Beverly Farms, Manchester[-by-the-Sea]. Doesn't make sense.

What does it matter where we

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What does it matter where we are I'm on the train in Beverly and we just hit and killed someone that's all that matters if u have to know we are just before monseret

It doesn't matter...

It doesn't matter... but I'm pointing out something is wrong. What's wrong with trying to figure out what happened? Nothing.

Trespassers will be run over!

The harsh wording towards the railway trespasser reminds me of the genre of redneck No Trespassing signs like Trespassers will be shot, survivors shot again. Hey, everybody is supposed to stop for pedestrians, right?

It's not really harsh, it's euphemistic

The term is often applied to people who get killed when they deliberately jump in front of trains. It eases some of the pain, most notably for the engineer, for whom hitting a suicide jumper is a horrible, life-changing experience. Not everyone referred to as a "trespasser," of course, is a suicide.

Your comments get weirder by the day.

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Are you really suggesting that a speeding train is generally able to stop to avoid someone on the tracks? And yes, sadly I'm assuming that someone on the train tracks at 9:30am is there with a deliberate reason.

We are so sorry

That you are legally required to keep your speed in check and operate your car in such a manner as to not kill the other people that you are required to share your precious roads with.

If it is that difficult for you, maybe you should consider giving up your license?

Legal responsibility, not social commentary.

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The wording has nothing to do with any of the crap people are talking about here. It has everything to do with legal responsibility, as in, the railroad has little or none for injuries to trespassers (absent intent or gross negligence on the part of the RR, neither of which appear to be in play here).