Somebody jumps off the Tobin

Lands on a car, doesn't survive, around 3:30 p.m.



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    Mental illness claims another.

    My heart goes out to the friends and family left behind. Please do not torture yourself wondering, "Is there something we should have noticed; is there anything we could have done differently?" When all is said and done, no matter how much we are loved and cherished, it's an intensely private battle between oneself and one's personal demons.


    Mental Illness not

    Physical illness yes. Mental illness she was not suffering from. At first. But then again the suffering that some people go through on a daily basis it's heart wrenching.

    It's not always mental illness. I have friends who have served the country valiantly. To come home and suffer from what they saw in combat. Sad sad sad.

    God bless her and the poor people who saw her leap to her death as well as the witness where she lay.

    I don't think you'd have the

    I don't think you'd have the same ignorant comment if you woke up to hear the news of your beautiful sweet fun loving child good friend doing this. Or if it was your daughter, sister, mother. I'll be sure to say a prayer for you.


    My beautiful friend I will

    My beautiful friend I will always love you and forever miss our laughs as senseless teenagers. I am so sorry that I couldn't have saved you. May you find the peace you were searching for and dance with the angels


    Actual information

    I guess suicides are not newspaper worthy. Another person with mental illness is brushed under the rug. I could not find one single article besides this post about this woman's death. It's. tough for the mourning relatives, but these stories need discussing it could prevent someone else from taking their own life, or prompt that friend or family member to think again about signs of depression. Her name was Rachelle Jones


    Why suicide doesn't make the news

    Unless you are a wife-murdering psychopath on the run, suicides are not considered to be "public interest".

    Moreover, they are not reported because there is widespread concern that people get ideas about "what works".

    A friend of mine found this out when she was hit and slightly injured by a man who jumped off a high building in NYC - a former music journalist, she asked her colleagues still in the trade. They told her that the police withhold details and ask that incidents not be published due to a longstanding policy based on concerns that once a location "works", more will follow. News outlets have similar policies.

    As suicide is generally private and does not involve others, one can argue that there is no compelling interest to override privacy concerns and publish the details.

    I have no idea if anybody has ever collected data on this to support or refute these claims. But this is why it gets "brushed under the rug" as you say.


    Public vs. private suicides

    Here's why I post about things such as this incident, as well as suicides by subway train: If you do it in public, people will notice, either you (see the sad comment below this one) or all the flashing red and blue lights from all the emergency responders, or all the traffic jams or sudden cessation of subway service.

    That's news. It's horrible news, especially for family members and friends, but it's no longer private news the way taking pills in your own bed would be - If the person goes out publicly, chances are good they're going to be affecting a lot more people than just themselves and their personal circles (and that's aside from the impact on people such as train drivers, who are drawn into the whole situation in a most personal and completely unasked for way).

    In practical terms, and speaking just for myself, I'm now in the position where, when people get stuck in a miles-long backup or left standing at some subway station because service has stopped, they'll ask me about it, often in a public forum such as Twitter. If I know the answer, I'll tell them; if I don't know why they're stuck on 93, I'll try to find out - and then tell them.

    Why not? At this point, I doubt there's anybody in the Boston area who doesn't know about the Tobin (or even the Mass. Ave. bridge) or subway trains. It's unfortunate such things keep happening, but not writing about it isn't going to make the problem going away.


    Drug deaths don't make news either

    Massachusetts typically has TWICE as many accidental drug overdose deaths per year as all traffic fatalities. The drug deaths rarely have public impact or compelling video. Car accidents may or may not have public impact depending on traffic disruption, yet all seem to at least make the police blotter if not video on the news. Likewise, lots of people die from hospital acquired infections, medical errors, and even the flu, yet those victims seldom make the news, unlike a shooting. It all produces a warped sense of actual risks open to conspiracy theories, like news of hospital infections being bad for business. News of traffic deaths may teach us to be more careful, while news of suicide deaths could teach us to love and watch over each other more.


    Woman jumps off tobin bridge

    I was leaving Boston on Friday and was right behind the woman that took her own life. It looked like she was broken down on the left side of the bridge and when I passed by her I realized this wasn't the case. I watched her in my rear view mirror as she climbed over the bridge. It happened so fast that I didn't believe what I saw. It was too late by the time I stopped. I have been looking for articles on this tragedy and have found nothing expect this post. That seems so strange to me. Mental illness is so prevalent and the holidays can be tough. My heart goes out to the family and friends of this woman, and also to the person who was driving the car that she landed on. That had to be an awful experience for that driver as well. I have struggled myself with mental illness and I know how hard it can be. It is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. When it gets that bad for someone, they don't see that. It seems like the only way out. There is no easy answer for the friends and family who are left behind wondering why. Keep this family in your prayers please. I share this with a heavy heart today


    Ouch! Oh, my god...that must've been horrible to see, Morgan!

    I was leaving Boston on Friday and was right behind the woman that took her own life.

    I watched her in my rear view mirror as she climbed over the bridge

    What a tragic story! RIP, Rachelle.

    To Rachelle's friends and loved ones, although I didn't know Rachelle personally, I'm very sorry about your loss. My thoughts and condolences are with you during these dark and difficult times.

    Morgan--it must've been really, really freaky for you to see that happen! Take care of yourself, okay?

    Rachelle we have known

    Rachelle we have known eachother for yrs and I'm so sorry to hear this, i hope that i had a put a good memory in your life, iiI wish I've seen you before this happened to say thanks for the good memoris thatI have from the two of us im so sorry for Debbie, mark and Anthony my heart goes out to you guys


    I have been searching for

    I have been searching for information about who this women was but came up with nothing until now. My brother works below the bridge. His coworker was the one found her. He sat with her while she took her last few breaths to comfort her. He laid his jacket over her until the responders arrived to shield her. He and his coworker were very shooken up by the whole thing. It is so sad! Its also sad to say that they see this happen quit often. I wish they could do something about it.


    I don't know why I keep

    I don't know why I keep coming back to read these as it stings worse each time. I don't know if I am looking for answers or what it is. To hear that she was still alive when she fell absolutely breaks me. None of this is easy, for any of us involved. Her loved ones miss her very much and to know that she was still alive when she fell just leaves me with so many more questions. I am so sorry for your brother and his co workers that had to experience this. I wish I could've been there to hold her the way he was able to.


    I am very sorry for your loss

    I am very sorry for your loss. I couldn't imagine what her loved ones are going through. I feel so very bad.
    The man that found her has been searching for who she was all weekend. He really wanted to pay his respects for her and maybe talk with her family. He has been very upset all weekend and just wants to help as much as he can. If anyone knows how I could get him in touch with any of her friends/family, or anything about her services, please email me at [email protected]. The man also works for boston harbor cruises so if they wanted to contact him that way they could too.


    Tobin jumper

    I am a cousin of Rachelle. First, many thanks to the kind coworker who stayed with her. Rachelle`s family is devastated by this event. I want those of you who do not know her to understand that she was not mentally ill but rather had been enduring a physical torture for years with a disease that caused fluids to build in her brain continually. She has endured many brain surgeries and other relentless torturous surgeries and hospital stays, including one on Christmas eve. She would most likely never be cured. We can only guess she could not endure any more pain or a horrific life sentence as this and decided enough was enough. She was very loved and a beautiful woman, so her family is totally distraught. Please do not add to our misery by assuming things or dismissing her as unbalanced. We are still in shock over her choice to end things this way and my sympathy goes out to those traumatized by witnessing this horrible act.


    Rachelle was a great person

    Rachelle was a great person who has been dealing with an illness for sometime now. I am a very close friend of hers and her family is like my just so sad shes gone...i wish that day was a day i randomly talked to her cuz i know i could have stopped her and atleast gave her a chance to vent to me. damn rachelle i miss u...this is crazy..u were like my lil sis n me n marco were like brothers! I used to be over ur house ALL the time n i hate that has changed n now this..i cry jus lookn at ur photos..R.I.P sweet Rachelle...we all love n miss u dearly. Im forever saddend by
    this my friend


    Best Friend

    Rachelle was my best friend.She was a great person and we had so many laughs together.It destroys me more then words can say.We went to school together and hung out almost everyday. As we got older I moved away and started a family but that never stopped us from forgetting what we meant to eachother.We still made time to hang out even though it wasn't as much as we would of liked and still called eachother when we needed to talk...she was the godmother of my children.... I want to thank the man that stayed with her while she was still breathing....thankyou so much for taking care of my friend.