Somebody is killing rabbits and leaving them on a Cambridge resident's porch

UPDATE: Wicked Local Cambridge reports police have their eye on an East Boston man, rather than a neighborhood hawk or cat, as a suspect.

The following are some recent entries from the Cambridge Police log:

[7/28] A Holmes Street resident reports that sometime between 9pm on 7/27/13 and 8am this date some unknown person left the internal organs of a small animal on his front porch.

[7/31] A Holmes St resident reports that they discovered and decapitated rabbit on their front porch around 5:30 AM this date.

[8/2] A Holmes Street resident reports that sometime between 2am and 6:30am this date some unknown person left a beheaded rabbit on his front porch. This is an ongoing problem and an involved party has a restraining order against a possible suspect.

[8/4] Cambridge resident reports he found a dead rabbit on the front porch of his residence.



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    How could anyone complain

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    How could anyone complain about our door to door service?

    Cat Anyone?

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    As a person who has owned cats for most of my life, I know that they can frequently bring "presents" to houses to show off their hunting skills. One of my own cats once brought me a decapitated rabbit so it wouldn't surprise me if that is what is going on here.

    As far as the organs go, not everything is eaten...

    I dunno, before I would blame it on a person, I would assume it was a cat. Unless of course, there is additional information that isn't given.

    But bunnehs...

    ....make for good eatin.

    Maybe we have a smart homeless person who's sorted out that there is a plentiful supply of fresh game in the area. Gotta gut 'em somewhere. The beheaded one is an odd detail though.

    MassLive is reporting that

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    MassLive is reporting that it's a lover's spat - the current resident blames his ex, and the Cambridge Police say an East Boston man is a suspect in the case. Since the Cambridge half of the (former) couple has filed a restraining order, this may now qualify as witness intimidation.

    But it makes me wonder. Leaving a decapitated rabbit on a doorstep is a criminal act? Is that still true if you roast it first, and dress it with a nice sauce?


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    ..not only is UHub getting quoted, but the comments are getting quoted!

    Did this person used to date Elmer Fudd?

    Are we talking wild rabbits

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    Are we talking wild rabbits or domestic rabbits? The latter is more likely a psycho ex or some other scary individual. The former commonly fall victim to preditors although I'd be suspicious if it happened 4 times in a row. The cats in my building are hunters, and I don't see presents that often. If these are domestics the info should have been immediately distributed to all rescues and pet sellers in the area, not just to prevent more kills but to ID the sick SOB.


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    Maybe they're being run over by hrududus?