Somebody's breaking into cars in Roslindale and West Roxbury at a rather fast pace

Boston Police report they are investigating an outbreak of car break-ins in the two neighborhoods on Monday and Tuesday.

In total, police say, 12 cars were broken into on Beram and Kittredge streets and Chisholm Road in Roslindale and Willow and Stratford streets and Manthorne Road in West Roxbury. Three of the break-ins were on Willow, police say.

Police urge residents to empty their cars of visible valuables and GPS units, replace lock buttons with tapered ones and, oh, yeah, raise your windows and lock your doors when going inside.



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    what gives on the Connolly

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    what gives on the Connolly post disappearing? Connolly advertises on your site?

    Indirectly, yes, but that's not why

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    I have a low tolerance for possibly scurrilous posts by anons that have nothing to do with the topic at hand (as for the advertising, looks like Connolly is buying ads via Google, so while I assume I'm making something from that, it's not a direct deal with me personally).

    If I remember correctly...

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    In this context the term 'break' means to open a closed door or window. I don't think it matters in the eyes of the law whether the door was locked or not.

    In the eyes of common sense, though...