There was smoke, but no fire on the Red Line, but the delays were just the same


And just in time for rush hour. Although Red Line riders at Central and Harvard reported a strong odor of smoke, the MBTA reports the smoke was from locked brakes on a train that became like one of those obstreperous puppies that refuses to go the way you want it to:

No fire. Disabled train removed from service.

Erica Mattison was among those getting to know their neighbors a little better at Park Street:

Park Street



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And, of course,

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no notification on the T's web site yet. Not sure about the smartphones, as I don't get Red Line alerts there.



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from the T (at 5:01 pm):

Branches Affected: Ashmont, Braintree
Red Line experiencing moderate delays due to an earlier disabled train at Central Square Station.

Still trying to figure out the minimium amount of time for an event to qualify as a "moderate delay"


Yesterday's moderate delay

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Yesterday's moderate delay due to a technical problem at Alewife (as announced in the station) turned out to be no delay at all.

The Red Line I was on that

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The Red Line I was on that day was a hot mess. Not only did I miss my connecting train, but if I had gotten off at South Station and just waited another 40 minutes for the next Fairmont train instead of trying to get home the rest of the way on the Red Line, I would have arrived home at the same time.

- Left the office at 5:15 as usual to catch the 5:45 Fairmont line train out of SS. I had a 10+ minute wait at Kendall. That still would have been plenty of time *if* there were no further delays.
- Rolled into South Station just after 6 PM and decided to keep going and catch the next bus out of Andrew, which was also extra slow and packed.
- Got home at 7 PM, the same time the 6:45 Fairmont train would have gotten me home.

Washed, rinsed, and repeated on Tuesday, but with a slightly quicker ride. I was home by 6:30. Happy September T riders!

Technical problem

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Yah, that's real specific information. Just like "moderate" delays.

So, is everyone glad the "broke" MBTA somehow found the money for the "new and improved" alert system instead of sticking with something that, although not perfect, actually gave the passengers useful information.


I'm still trying to figure

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I'm still trying to figure out the minimum amount of time until I just go get a beer.

Oh no you don't!

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You just have to be all self-congratulatory and smug about thinking about a way to escape misery. Get back down there and be miserable, damn it! My happiness depends on nobody being allowed to escape!


Get a bike

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And you won't be so grumpy. No reason to be sardined on such a nice day.

Just because you like being held hostage by the Red Line or sitting in traffic getting fat and angry doesn't mean you get to bitch at people who have the brains to get out of the game.

Uh, who's the grump here?

I was just pointing out Swirly's tendency to insert a) a bike comment where one isn't topical, and/or b) a self-congratulatory, smug comment about how great she/her life is.

Please re-read your over-reactive response. Maybe you need to self-reflect a bit about grumpiness, because I only see one anon grump in the pack here.

FWIW, I don't take the Red Line and wasn't impacted by this, but thanks for making snap judgements about me based on a few words!


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You hate somebody for making a good choice and enjoying the day.

Because you are a grump. And a hater.

Everybody has to be a miserable grump and hate their life like you do or you hate on them. Can't make different choices and be happy! Nope.

You are a sad person. Truly.

In the words of Gordon Ramsay


Honestly, just close all the trains and bus everybody until we can get a worthwhile train system built. Let's just peel the damn Band-Aid off the leg hair already.


Not sure buses would solve it ....

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Have you ever gotten on the buses they provide when the Fairmount/Readville train is cancelled (almost daily)? The one time I did I was taken on a tour of the city I'll never forget that lasted an hour and a half (clearly the bus driver had no idea where he was going). 1.5 hours from South Station to Fairmount. Usually a 20 minute train ride.

Lately I have either been stuck on the red line and missed my commuter connection, or stuck on the red line only to discover the Readville train has been cancelled again. So glad they added all those new stops so they could strand hundreds more people.

Or you could

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hire managers who actually have experience in running a transportation system.

Instead we wind up with people obsessed with implementing needless technology and producing music videos.

roadman for GM!

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No more short looping at Gov't Ctr for D and B trains (did I get that right?)!

T alerts that work!

Charlie Baker, are you listening? (Revamping the T is your winning issue - it would even let you make amends for "BigDigBaker"!)


Bus everyone?!

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Have you seen a bus that can hold that many people? Or the traffic from that amount of buses?

Just go back to ranting about how all the problems on Storrow Drive are caused by DCR's font choices, at least you seem to have some knowledge there.