Something you learn driving through JP, Roslindale and West Roxbury at 6 a.m. on a Saturday

It's very difficult to find a place to eat then. Thank goodness for the Westbury in West Roxbury (at 6 a.m., somebody was just lifting the security grate at the Robinwood in JP),

As for why I was driving around the City that Always Sleeps at that ungodly hour, well, had to get the kidlet to school for a field trip. A field trip to Williamstown.



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No Greek's spa at Corinth &

No Greek's spa at Corinth & Washington? One of them was always there 4 , 5 , am making the blueberry muffins ,and breakfast too. The best muffins ,Jerry , the best ! What about Nemo's ,diagonally across from the Erie pub on Hyde Park ave , that's Roslindale , Nemo was in there beaucoup early , just did breakfasts I think. These guys are gone?


I wonder if it's easier on a

I wonder if it's easier on a weekday.

I was a little surprised recently to find that there aren't many breakfast places open before 8am on a Saturday in my neighborhood. Usually, that's OK for me, but on that day I needed to be on the road at 7, and didn't want to mess around in my kitchen.