Sorry, Tisei and Weld, you're too late

Now that everybody's favorite scooter-riding, sticker-plastering city-council candidate has jumped into the race for the Republican nomination for the Senate. Ladies and gentlemen: Doug Bennett for US Senate.



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Dougie almost ran me over

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When he was running for Boston City Council, he almost clipped me with his scooter.
The moron was driving down the sidewalk in Savin Hill. He's lucky my dog didn't take a chunk out of his leg.

Hate to be *that* guy

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But anyone mind giving a quick overview of this guy? I feel like Google isn't telling the whole story.

Doug Bennett was a

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Doug Bennett was a libertarian Republican candidate for Boston City Council a few years back. Lacking any real reason to hate the guy UHub libs grasp at superficial things such as the red scooter he road around town, or that he put campaign stickers on things, and also that he used robocalls. As if he were the only candidate to indulge in these very typical campaign activities.

He also knocked on 8000 doors or so, personally meeting with many of the people who would also vote for him, votes which propelled him past the primary stage above many many other candidates some with considerably more political experience.

When I see "libs"

I know to put on the rubber boots and hike up the pant legs. Gonna be an easier hose down that way.

Anon at 9:37 is probably Doug

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DMT's post didn't mention that the scooter was red but Doug knows what color his scooter is — and he is proud to remind us that it is Red State Red. He is awful enough to make even Romney look like a decent prospect in comparison, which is saying a lot. Actually, I simply can't think of a worse candidate than Dougie, and I'm thinking hard.

$300 fines await him

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Every one of those sticker is a $300 fine, should the city decide to issue him a ticket.

And it's not that he just put a few up; it seems like hundreds or thousands of the damn things.

I'm confused....

I really couldn't muster up the patience to go through all of those linked articles detailing Bennett's wonderfulness, so can anyone tell me what fucking party this idiot is in? I couldn't find it anywhere on this web page that looks like it was designed by the same lady who did that nice website showcasing her and her cats.

All I could find on his page was stirring descriptions of this living embodiment of the American dream like:

Doug’s mother was born Winchester.

Was that her maiden name or was she born in Winchester?

His grandfather Roland Gardner was orphaned in Room 43 of the Massachusetts State House at 5 years old.

Huh? WHAT?

He is a man of the people.

Aren't we all?

Could we finally have found someone that makes Scott Brown look like Stephen Hawking?

Hi Doug!

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Dougie is a nutjob. He knocks on doors and won't go away. He sticks his little flyers and stickers everywhere and puts his lawn signs in yards without permission. He doesn't really stand for anything, and is incapable of a serious issue-based conversation, He likes to argue with people. He has run in multiple elections, but has never been elected in Boston. He also has really bad teeth.

Dougie also likes to read blogs and reply. The post by "anon" at 9:37 pm sounds like Doug, including the bad spelling, confrontational style, and pretending he is someone else. The last paragraph about knocking on 8000 doors is classic Dougie. He will probably post again to deny the orginal post was him.

Where to apply for the restraining order?

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His previous campaign actually forced me to learn how to use my phone system better so I could block his incessant robo-calls. And I'm on a lot of phone lists. How's that for a ringing endorsement?!?


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DB was quite incivil when I once had a close encounter with him.

Who are other possible candidates for Boston City Council ?...

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Who are other possible candidates for Boston City Council ?... besides
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? blinehan District 2
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@markciommo District 9

@mattomalley District 6
@mikerossboston District 8
@robconsalvo District 5
@sallamattina District 1

@titojackson District 7

How can I help? Like many

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How can I help?

Like many others, I too had a run-in with Doug Bennett and his scooter and chose to share it here. In my case, I got so under somebody's skin that they posted my full name, age and residence in response. Not that I'm hiding my personal info, it was just one of those creepy things that online trolls do. And by troll I mean- who the hell else would bother besides Doug himself.

He's clearly not gonna win anything, and if it weren't for his connection by marriage to the Papa Gino's purse he wouldn't have the funds to make his presence felt. That being said, I wholly endorse his nomination for the GOP candidacy and will sign anything I can find to make it happen. It would be the stuff that legendary political snark features are made of. It would be like when that Larouche "dinner table" lady confronted Barney Frank, only it would go on for months.