South End restaurant cited for offering moonshine

Of course, this being a more genteel age, axe-wielding revenooers didn't bust up a still out back of Estelle's on Tremont Street. Instead, a detective from the BPD Licensed Premises Division issued a paper citation for the bottle of Midnight Moon Moonshine sitting behind the bar.

The restaurant, which serves Southern food, is licensed to offer beers, wines and liqueurs. Moonshine, now a legitimate product, is hard liquor, which is not included on its license - although flavored moonshine would be, under the theory it's a cordial.

At a hearing today, Estelle's lawyer, James Byrne, apologized to the Boston Licensing Board. He said the restaurant's liquor distributor had left the bottle behind as part of a promotion. He said the restaurant never advertised it had the stuff and said it had only sold two or three drinks out of the bottle.

"This isn't some wild nightclub," he assured the board. "It's not some rowdy bar. It's a nice little restaurant."

He said that because of the citation, issued in October, the restaurant now checks with the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission before taking delivery on anything that might be questionable.

The board decides Thursday what action, if any, to take.



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Cold Tea?

So, the open secret that everyone can get beer in a teapot in Chinatown at 3:00 AM is ok but because you didn't add a Dunkin Flavor Shot to a drink we need lawyers, guns, and money?

Can we transfer the Boston Licensing Board's Authority over to the MBTA? That way any third rail would be afraid to crack and any 40 year old motor on a Red Line train would be terrified not to work 24/7? Sorry 20.5/7 - World Class City you know.


Cold Tea

Funny! Cold Tea is the biggest scam that rips off drunks at 3AM
The waiter simply pours O'Douls into a tea pot and charges $10 for it. Do you really think a Chinese rest. owner would risk his license on a bunch of drunks who don't know the difference?

Regarding Cold Tea...

According to a public records request from this spring, BPD doesn't have any documents related to "cold tea." How is that possible?

This letter is in response to your request for: Any and all communications, documents, memos, emails containing the phrase "cold tea."

Please be advised that a comprehensive search of records was performed and the Department does not have any documents in its possession, custody or control that are responsive to your request.


Gotta love it

I love reading the all the excuses these establishments have when going before the Licensing Board. The majority start off with "We weren't aware".


Good Job

wow that was hilarious it was one of the most creative comments i have ever read i look forward to future bits of genius from you