Spitting video

Transit Police have posted surveillance video showing an irate woman spitting at a bus driver after being ordered off a bus at Ashmont for not paying her fare last Saturday. Police say she was accompanied by two small children - one of whom you can see in her arms as she launches her saliva salvo.



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    I don't know

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    I am afraid that if some one spit on me I would just lose it, and slam their head into the ground until they were dead. If I was on a jury, for a case in which that happened, I wouldn't be able to convict the person of any thing.
    If is bad enough people just banging into you, and pushing you around for no reason.
    I was waiting for the bus, and I felt some one start to push me forward just as the bus was pulling up. There was room to my right, left and in front of me. But this guy decided he wanted to walk though the space I was occupying. Being a total jerk for no reason at all.
    My possible reactions to these situations scare me more than any thing else.

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    I see bus drivers taking crap all the time

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    At least a couple of times a week I see people giving bus drivers a hard time. The bus driver is really in a lose lose situation. They get in trouble if they don't try and force people to pay the fare, and at the same time they get sob stories all day long from the riders. And, as has been happening lately, they get spit on and beat up.
    I really hate seeing cameras covering every inch of public space. But I do thing having them on buses is justified. As long as the MBTA discloses their data use and retention policy. (Maybe they do, I haven't looked for it.)

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    I've never heard of a T bus

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    I've never heard of a T bus driver getting in trouble with management for not enforcing the fare.

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    Give her a break!

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    She was only trying to teach her kid how to act like a responsible, contributing member of society.

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