State commission delays vote on latest Suffolk Downs proposal

So we won't learn until next week whether the state Gaming Commission will let the racetrack go ahead with a casino plan that's exactly like the one approved by Revere voters last month, aside from the different buildings, locations and ownership group.



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        It's pretty hard to come up with a BS reason why Suffolk should be granted a license so they need another week of brainstorming. But don't worry -- the law was passed for the sole purpose of giving Suffolk a casino and they aren't about to let the will of the people stand in the way.

        Seeing as how a petition to block casinos is going to be on the ballot in 11 months, they should delay awarding anyone a license until after the vote. Sadly, they are likely just going to accelerate the process in hope that they won't be able to block what's already built.


        Behavior of Gaming Commission says otherwise

        If the Commonwealth was in the bag with the Suffolk Downs casino, they wouldn't have stated public ally that they feared no competition for the area license. They also wouldn't have given Caesars such scrutiny that they had to back out before the vote. Also, if they wanted the vote to pass, they could have waited to raise the questions they raised.

        But yes, they've known about the Revere casino plan for 4 weeks, and they know Sun, so the extra week is odd.

        I'd love to bet on Suffolk getting the okay, at least for this, but as the phrase goes, "always wager responsibly", as this could easily go the other way.