State Police in hunt for post-Series car flippers

One of the Boylston Street car flippers

Hope you enjoyed yourself, kid.

State Police have released photos of some of the people celebrating on the carcass of that car that got overturned on Boylston Street after the Sox won the World Series Wednesday night.

They're hoping people who know these guys will call up Trooper Brian Simpkins of the Boston Barracks at 617-727-6780.

Meanwhile, Bobby O'Neill, who set up an online fundraiser to help the car's owner pay for his expenses, reports the fund quickly went over its $2,500 goal.

Wanted for car flipping



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Money donation to car owner

I would think the money raised for the owner of the flipped car is going to pay for his deductible , which is probably at least a $1,000.00 and to go towards his substitute transportation. Even if you have that covered in your insurance it's never enough for a rental. Maybe he had things in the car that were damaged/stolen? The crap he has to go through now that he doesn't have his car, like 'TIME,' it adds on to commuting if he doesn't have coverage for a rental. I shouldn't think there would be anything 'leftover' to donate elsewhere, and, I'd like to add, what's it to you?

It's a nice and noble thing this person thought of and followed through on and I'm sure the owner of the car is grateful. Give him the whole amount that was raised. That was the intention of the donors.

The One Fund

The person who started the fundraiser explicitly stated that any money over $2,500 would go to the One Fund. It's right on the fundraising page (if the link is still active).

Not so good at being curious, I guess :)

Your curiosity is suspect. If you want to know something, click the links in the OP and take a look.


As for the surplus, I'm planning on giving it to the One Fund as I think it captures the same spirit in which these donations were given. If, however, anyone feels uncomfortable with that please feel free to contact me through the email link on this page and I can refund your donation if you gave at a point in time after we hit the goal. I'm hoping most everyone will be happy with the decision to donate the surplus though.

The links Adam posts aren't just decoration.


You mean...

Northeastern University Huskies.

BU's the Terriers.

And given that the location of the flipped car was near the Victory Garden, it's far more accessible to NU-owned dorms than anything BU owns.

Depends which part of Boylston

I think the car was flipped on that part of Boylston across from the Victory Gardens, leading to the Bowker Overpass and Storrow Drive, so it might actually be under State Police jurisdiction.

Yes, it's kind of weird that Boston Police don't have jurisdiction over all of Boston, but I don't think this is going to lead to a fight any more than similar issues on, say, the VFW Parkway in West Roxbury. If State Police know anything, it's road patrolling.

The seaport's a different case because the legislature took away BPD jurisdiction because the seaport at the time was, well, a seaport and State Police had a good track record dealing with cargo shipments and the like. The controversy comes because much of the area now consists not of a seaport but of residences, hotels, bars and offices - which lead to the sort of crimes BPD has particular expertise in.