Stay out of the ATM near the Landmark Center Best Buy

Holloway McCandless reports on an incident around 8:40 p.m.:

Warning to BofA ATM users near Best Buy Landmark--card opens door to get in, but exit lever is broken. Rescued by passer-by.



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    Say the ATM machine developed some type of electrical fault and started smoking. You want out, burning plastic smoke is not good for you. Any fire safety device shall be maintained in good working order. 527 CMR covers a lot of these situations.

    That's true AFAIK. But it

    That's true AFAIK. But it sounds like the door was broken. You'd think our society would have developed door technology that makes this very unlikely, but stuff happens anyway.

    On multiple occasions I've found locked secondary exits in T stations between midnight and closing time, often in places where you'd get trapped between the turnstiles and the locked gate (unless you paid again, or had a pass). Sometimes a manager replies to my complaint and assures me it won't happen again, but it keeps happening anyway.