Stop and go traffic in Chestnut Hill

Red and green lights in Chestnut Hill

Isaac Miller reports the traffic lights at Rte. 9 and Hammond Street were both red and green this afternoon.



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That's fine

I'm sure everybody was aware that a malfunctioning signal is treated as a stop sign and proceeded in an orderly fash...hahahah, almost said it with a straight face.

State law actually says you

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State law actually says you treat it like an uncontrolled intersection (yield to traffic on the right, if any), not a stop sign.

Traffic engineering standards say that lights should have circuitry to detect malfunctions and go into flash mode. This light looks relatively recent, so I have no idea why it doesn't have that important safety feature.

Yeah, I didn't think the

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Yeah, I didn't think the green could get power if the red was active. Someone should get fired over this, people could die.

I guess...

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Everybody treated it as though it was a red light - sped right on through, and we'll be hearing about the numerous accidents any moment now.