Strand Theatre could see more action

The Dorchester Reporter reports the city-owned theatre, which has seen long stretches of quietude, is getting a resident theatre company promising "a minimum of two, high-caliber musicals will hit the stage for multi-week runs."



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Good luck with that. I for one would never want to head back to my car after leaving The Strand at night.

Maybe a nice matinee would only end in some mild stabby-ess.

Well, then..

I'm sure you feel safer in whatever lily white suburb you choose to look down upon the rest of us from.


Am I the one who said they wouldn't visit the Strand out if fear for being in the wrong neighborhood?

So, take the T instead

several buses go by it, and it's a reasonable walk from JFK station. An even shorter walk from the Uphams Corner station on the Fairmount commuter rail, if it's a weekday.

I don't know if Hubway has reached this part of town yet -- they need to.

The same source, the

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The same source, the Dorchester Reporter, reported on July 3 that Hubway will be expanding next into Uphams Corner:

About 20 new Hubway bike-sharing stations will be rolled out by the end of this summer season, according to Nicole Freedman, director of the Boston Bikes program and former Olympic cyclist. New stations are concentrated in the South Boston area, Jamaica Plain, and Roxbury. Two are set to be built in Dorchester: one in Uphams Corner and another near the intersection of Mass Ave. and Columbia. The precise locations of these stations are still being determined, said Freedman.

Once again

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Roslindale/ West Roxbury gets the shaft!


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Will never reach this part of town.

Commuter Rail and Hubway

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Unfortunately, as far as safety goes, it's safer walking from the Strand To JFK station than from the Strand to the Uphams Corner commuter rail stop. That section of Dudley is just awful.

Also - yes, we probably will get a Hubway is that section, but soon we'll be saying "See - this is why we can't have nice things"


Don't come, then. I wouldn't want you ruining my good time.

Strand Theater

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I have supported the Strand since moving to Uphams/"Jones Hill" in the late 90's. Christian based plays with New Edition members, Local Rap shows(rare), plays with off Broadway/TV stars(Reuben Studdard), youth conferences(Teen Empowerment)& school based plays. (YAWN but still got my $$$)

However, I saw the FELA play Lion King, watched the Beasts of the Southern Wild, even Gone Baby Gone not at the Strand.

What kind of trickery is that!

What a underutilized resource.

It needs a proper takeover, propelled by community and possibly not another non-profit.

Hopefully Widdlesticks can do this.