Talk about dropping a dime: South Station bus terminal shut by suspicious bit of old technology

MBTA Transit Police ordered a shutdown of the South Station bus terminal when a janitor found a strange item in the trash in the men's room. Alert New England reports it was a stolen coin box from a pay phone.

Riverside station shut due to suspicious coffee maker.



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    Taken seriously?

    So we have a suspicious package, which could be explosive, yet commuter trains under the building with the package in it run as usual??

    I wonder if the brains at the

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    I wonder if the brains at the Transit Police realize that (unscreened) cars can also park atop the terminal.

    To be fair, the tweet said that the "Red Line&Commuter Rail not effected". Broken down trains and signals have done a marvelous job the past few days of causing the Red Line and commuter rail to not be effected.


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    Coin box from a pay phone.

    Stolen coin box

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    I'm surprised there's even any money in those things any more. Hardly seems worth the effort to steal one.

    You all should be ashamed!!

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    All this talk about bombs and trains and janitors, and nobody is thinking about the children.

    Please, God, won't someone think of the children?

    dropping the dime

    I know it's early yet but this is my nominee for Headline of the Year.