T people are a special breed

Doc Sigma tweets:

A woman outside Forest Hills Station is going around trying to sell vibrators.

Emily Chionchio checks in from the Red Line:

Second seat for your muffin, that's a new one on the Red Line.

She kept awkwardly nibbling on it and was seated facing it like it was her life partner.



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I could write a book.. or a blog (and I might just do that..) about the riders of the 111 bus ALONE.

- Crackheads who twitch and wanna kick your ass if you look at them
- Strung out benzi'd heroin junkies that can't stand up on their own
- Baby Mama's who use their stroller, not for their baby, but for all their shopping (and taking up the aisle)
- A Fish Dock Worker who always smells up the bus.. *always*
- Domestic issues. Always someone with their gf/bf on there arguing and ready to start a fist fight
- Typical iPod rap listener who has their music up so loud, everyone on the bus can hear what they are listening too

The list really goes on from here.

Speaking of which, I have an article I need to have Adam post about my lovely encounters with the MBTA customer service department.......


Oh no

The 28 is much worse than the 111. What it doesn't have in freakshows, it makes up for with shootings, stabbings and straight out brawls. Granted, I take the 111 more than the 28, but I've taken the 28 enough to be significantly traumatized. (Sad thing is, I'm only partially joking)