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Desperate for a Republican candidate with the slightest chance, the Herald bypasses Doug Bennett and tries to create a boomlet for Ann or Tagg Romney in this spring's Senate elections.



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Too soon....

The Romney name still has too much shit on it to try and run one of the kids just yet. Also, all Markey would have to do is bring up Tagg's insistence on blocking a hospice in his Belmont Hill neighborhood and it's goodnight Irene for old Taggie. Poor Joe Batenfeld. Being a mouthpiece for the GOP in this state is a lonely job,no?

Add to that the ridiculous idea of Mitt stumping for him...

Why the laughing?

If you didn't laugh at the idea of Vicki Kennedy being our senator, then how can you laugh about Ann Romney?

Laughing at Tagg, not Ann

(but I had to look up his age to be sure he was actually eligible to run)

I still think the Romney name is too toxic in 2013 for a plausible run by either of them. Maybe people will feel differently a few years down the road.


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I'm laughing that anyone thinks a Romney will be able to run in the state within the next 20 years after he spent the decade running away from us as a bunch of weird commie socialists from a strange unAmerican land up north.

He burned quite a few bridges in his lurch to the right. I don't think people of the commonwealth will anoint a jet setting family that only sees us as a political stepladder.

Senators' Widows

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Appointing the widow of a senator to fill his seat was a longtime tradition (perhaps the only way women got into the Senate for years) and she was considered as a "seat filler" twice in unusual circumstances. I don't think she ever seriously considered running for the seat.

If you look at her bio, she at least has a law degree and a background in practicing financial & bankruptcy law plus has been running a non-profit. Ann Romney, as we learned in the campaign, has been pretty much a homemaker & mother -- a fine calling, but not exactly one that prepares you for the US Senate.

Homemaker and Mother

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Not that I don't think Ann Romney is an entitled git without a clue, but Nancy Pelosi was a mom of 5 and PTO whirlwind when she was first elected to public office ... five kids and a nearly absent spouse creates executive functioning like you wouldn't belief. The job involves a lot more than many would think.


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But wasn't Pelosi already personally involved in politics already when she was elected? According to her Wikipedia bio, she was a California Democratic operative for about 10 years before she was hand picked successor to a Congresswoman who died in office. She was also Finance Chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, a national-level job. I assume that's mostly volunteer stuff, but it shows a strong interest in that world and a willingness to roll up her sleeves and understand politics.

I'm not downplaying the skills & abilities of those who stay home & raise children, but I appreciate someone who has done some preparatory work for elective office before getting there.

Tisei can you see...

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...heading out the door?

Amazed that Tisei announced that he isn't running. I guess he doesn't have any money left over. If he ran on the idea of a fiscal conservative that is taking the local GOP back from the loonieness that the rest of the country has embraced (to the party's detriment), I think he would stand a shot. I mean, I wouldn't vote for him, but I think a whole lot of other people would. Being a fiscal conservative who thinks the govt should mind its own business in regards to your personal life and actually respects science...? Aside from Libertarians slobbering all over him, I think a lot of Democratic Party-hating types would take that over Markey. Of course that position would mean no money from the national party and probably minimal effectiveness if he got elected...but I'd like to see someone try and bring the Republican party back to at least the 20th century rather than pushing further into the 19th.

So we're left with what? Kerry Healey? Dan Winslow? I'd enjoy Bill Weld going for it, but I just don't think it'll happen.

(That's a little reverse psychology there...pleeeeease Bill! We need the entertainment!!)

Tisei couldn't beat John

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Tisei couldn't beat John Tierney, who has more baggage than a Samsonite store.

Tierney miracle

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I'm still flabbergasted by that fact. In my mind it can only be explained by the fact that the Obama-Warren tide raised a few leaky dinghies with it. Had that been an off-season election year, Tierney would have been toast. I don't think he's a bad guy, I just don't think that there's anyone with passion about him that would go across the street to vote for him. But, if they're going out to vote for Obama and/or Warren floats their boat, they'll check off the other 'D.' But that's in my mind...next to Sid and Marty Kroft nightmares and 3 Stooges quotes.

Not really surprising

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Nor a limited to D or R. Michelle Bachmann got reelected after all the crazy and derp she’s gone to.

People simply shouldn’t underestimate the power of constituencies, and what we had here were a bunch of people that looked at how he was representing them, and decided it was better than any purported liabilities that arose. This tends to fall into the same category as “Everyone in Congress sucks, expect for my Rep or Senator” which when taken all together means everyone else sucks, but we don’t want to change a thing.

People didn't vote

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Look at the vote totals - some people simply didn't vote for anybody in the Tierney/Tisei race.

Word on the street was that many people would have gone for Tisei if it weren't for what happened to Scott Brown. Tisei is a good man, and he would have ended up in the same spot that Brown did: forced to choose between representing the Batshit Crazy Party or representing us, and getting totally compromized by the national insanity in the process.

That shithead party doesn't tolerate independence or even sanity, let alone representing your district instead of riding the Boehner. Sorry, but that's why no sane and competent Repug is going to get into the senate race here. They don't want to be Boehner Browned.

Well said

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Unfortunately things won't be changing anytime soon. I would have probably been a Reagan Dem or even a Regan Conservative back in the 80's. I'm pretty firmly in the (not loony) progressive camp of the Dem part now.

The GOP is nuts and getting nuttier. They're starting to become a threat to the country and the economy.

Its funny (Predictable)

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how UHub blast a Republican but no mention of Markey! Also what about Liz; "The Middle Class is getting Hammered" or "I will be a voice for the Middle Class"; well Liz not sure if you read the paper but our fine Democratic Governor want to raise taxes. I wonder how that will effect the Middle Class?


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Your point is what? It's a blog post that says the GOP is having trouble finding a candidate since Brown decided not to run. How does Markey or Sen. Warren even fit into the topic without stretching it beyond recognition? Yes, Adam has his biases, but he at least sticks to the subject at hand.

Whats funny

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is that is the reason the GOP in this state is in total disarray.

They'd rather adopt the national platform boogymen and play the victim. Having 21st century solutions and not being all herp derp is just too much work. And we all know government can't do real work.