Teen held on high bail in bus bleach attack

A Roxbury 15-year-old was ordered held in lieu of $100,000 bail today at her first court appearance on charges she threw bleach in a man's face during a robbery on a 28 bus last week, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Lai Lawnnie Douglas, 22, had her bail set at $20,000, the DA's office says

The DA's office provided this account of the attack:

According to prosecutors, Douglas, the juvenile, and a third female boarded an MBTA bus at Dudley Station at approximately 1:50 a.m. June 9 and sat in the rear of the bus directly across from the male victim. Both defendants were allegedly captured on surveillance camera slapping the victim and prosecutors say Douglas can be seen reaching into the man’s pocket and taking cash, a credit card, and personal papers that she ripped and threw at the victim, prosecutors said.

The juvenile held an open bottle of liquid, later determined to be bleach, near the victim’s nose and lips and tossed the bleach at the victim’s face and chest as the defendants exited the bus at Grove Hall, prosecutors said.

The DA's office did not release the teen's name, because of her age. She was formally charged with unarmed robbery, mayhem, willful and malicious destruction of property under $250, and indecent assault and battery.

Even if she makes bail, she won't be going anywhere - a judge revoked her bail on assault-and-battery charges out of Brookline - the DA's office says.

The same goes for Douglas, who was held pending a hearing on her probation on a 2008 conviction of larceny from a person, witness intimidation, carrying a dangerous weapon and assault and battery.

A third woman suspected in the attack remains at large.

Innocent, etc.



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That's all?

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All three suspects should be held without bail while awaiting trial. If they have no qualms about launching a chemical attack on a random bus passenger, who knows what else they may do. It's quite scary that someone could do such a thing as they are alleged to have done.


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Juvenile or not,this is a very dangerous person. She wasn't coming from Stop and Shop at 2am,then spontaneously threw bleach she just bought at someone. She was out and carrying that bleach specifically to do what she did.Lock her up or get her help,but don't let her walk freely in society.

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Even if both manage to make their bails, they won't be going anywhere soon - the older one has some probation issues, the younger one was already facing other charges, for which bail was revoked.


"Girl with bleach" was the 15-year-old, whose bail was set at $100,000.

"Girl with bleach"

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How about releasing her identity so the public knows who committed this crime? But no, we have to "protect" this 15 year old "juvenile" lest her actions in throwing bleach on somebody and blinding them prevent her from getting a job in the future.

A pathetic social policy if ever there was one.