Temperature at game time: 68 degrees

Coakley at Fenway

Martha Coakley visits outside Fenway Park

How serious is Attorney General Martha Coakley taking her run for Massachusetts governor?

She spent this evening talking (and shaking more than a few hands) outside Fenway Park.

Perhaps a change in strategy from her last try for higher office.



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So how many corrupt

So how many corrupt politicians has Chokely prosecuted? Where's the missing BILLION dollars from the Big Dig? Can anyone name a single high profile thing this woman has done while in office?

Massachusetts can do better and deserves better than to put this doorstop in an even higher office.

Protected us from wine

Hey, she protected us from the tyranny of direct-to-consumer wine sales, and kept fighting on behalf of those poor local alcohol middlemen, even after a federal court told her to cur it out. That's something.

Too clever by half

Okay, sorry. I posted the photo and was trying to be clever and ended up not making any sense.

In 2010, when running against Scott Brown for US Senate, she was criticized for a comment she made to the Boston Globe. (Story behind paywall, so I'm linking to Politico's coverage of it.)

Coakley bristles at the suggestion that, with so little time left, in an election with such high stakes, she is being too passive.

"As opposed to standing outside Fenway Park? In the cold? Shaking hands?" she fires back, in an apparent reference to a Brown online video of him doing just that.

Oh, right

The temperature... not cold. I get it.

Anyway, she's been a good AG*, but I just can't see her as governor. Does she really think she can do this? Wasn't she humiliated enough by the loss to Brown?

* I'm living in Virginia for a while, where we have Ken Cuccinelli. 'Nuff said.

I disagree

I do not think she's been a good AD. She went after Tim Cahill with a vengeance, yet Tim Murray walked with a small fine. She picks and chooses who she's going to hang, and does it whenever she needs to keep her name in the news. I also take offense to the fact just a couple years ago she was dying to be a U.S. Senator, and after bungling that campaign, she now decides she wants to be governor....which is a completely different job. She wants to be a hack, regardless of what hack job she holds.

Groundhog Day

Yup, election time again. Time for Jill Stein to come out of her hole after years of no one even mentioning her name.

Q: What does she do between elections? Grow pot? Bake pies? Run a yoga retreat?

Thanks for the laugh.

Didn't vote or her last time

Won't this time says this Progressive. She's a slimeball and hack, and made it perfectly clear that it's not about public service to the plebs, it's about Martha Coakley getting what she deserves for putting up with us all.

Luckily I don't see her getting out of the primary. If she does Baker has this thing wrapped up. I just hope he's smarter to the long term problems of the state than Mr. golly MA is a stepping stone to by terrible presidential bid Romney.

Being a local guy I don't see him slashing funding for UMass or throwing the infrastructure funding problems down the road as quickly as that asshat from Michigan. Still, I worry he'll throw meat to the base like they did up in ME and spend twice as much+ a year to "fix welfare" than the problem costs the state in the first place.

You're not fixing a financial problem when it costs 2X+ as much to try to administer and fix it in the first place. You're just patronizing the idiots happy that you're punishing the other guy.

she's entitled to

she's entitled to run.

running does not make her a "slimeball" or a "hack".

"Massachusetts politicians" are not "the most vile scum to walk the earth", "Massachusetts politicians" are not anything except politicians from Massachusetts.

People, we use abstraction to deal with complexity. When we abstract too much or too easily we're just bigots. Bigots may be dangerous, they are most definitely boring.

I'm not going to vote for Martha, I'm *really*, *really* pisssed that she facilitated Brown's victory and almost single-handedly tanked the Affordable Care Act as a result.



and her politics doesn't make her a slimeball or hack. Her record and her voice sure does.

Democrats in this state can do much, much better. And we'll need to with all the problems we face.