Ten arrested in police crackdown on weekend drinking in BU-heavy part of Allston

The Daily Free Press reports the ten were all students at local institutions of higher learning, what with increased patrols in the area, especially in the GAP (Gardner, Ashford and Pratt streets).



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mop up weekend

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thats what they used to call it. been there done that. if they see anyone with an open container they get cuffed. i was once picked up on one of these weekends, there must have been a hundred kids in the courthouse that monday morning. back then it was good for $100 fine per kid. no record or probation, just a civil offense.

they only got ten?

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"everybody seems to be more on edge about partying"

Have to agree with Ms. Cutts on this one. I don't live in Allston but do find myself there from time to time with the girlfriend's younger group of friends.

I didn't make it out to a party Friday in Allston but I was talking with the host about various details, whos going, etc and she mentioned that she, along with the housemates, were concerned about patrols and crackdowns. So they kept the numbers low, noise not too loud and generally we not noticed enough to warrant a knock on the door from BPD. Still I heard the party ran into the 4am-5am area, so it certainly didn't diminish the energy of the party.

But it is funny, because I've been around parties in that area, among other student filled neighborhoods, for about 10 years now and I honestly cannot remember hearing this much concern from party hosts and attendees about the police.

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bu area violence

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my guess is the cops have stepped up patrols in this neighborhood because of the recent attacks and robberies. i guess its kind of hard to ignore an open container when you are ordered to patrol a smaller more concentrated area and people are drinking in public.

also, you are more likely to become a victim of all sorts of violent crime if you are too drunk to walk straight.

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Stepped up patrols

Police have stepped up patrols because after YEARS of the permanent residents of the neighborhood (yes, we exist) begging them to do something about out-of-control parties before somebody got killed, somebody finally got killed.

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