Thank goodness for Candy Crush

Traffic backup

BK reports from the Riverway:

Thanks 2 my sister-in-law who introduced me to candy crush I have something to do in this parking lot.



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So glad the dumbphone generation has the proper maturity level for dealing with a two ton machine in dangerous weather by being engrossed in some stupid game. The radio doesn't work?



Once you feel the thud of the pedestrian/cyclist you hit, it should be very easy to put down the phone before anyone sees it. I mean then you can at least honestly play the "I didn't see them!" card.


Thanks for keeping those eyes on the road!

I mean, its not like your driving a 2-3 ton machine capable of causing massive damage, amirite?

Its almost why I love the winter commute home better than in the months when the sun is still up after work. I can see the nice, subtle blue glow illuminating the car interior, give me a good indication of which clowns could be bothered less with road safety. Lot harder to see that glow in daylight.

Or maybe we can attach display lights to each car with a nice glowing side reading "Cellphone in use", ya know, kinda like the service lights seen on cabs?


Puzzle Quest > Candy Crush

The sad thing is Candy Crush is not even that good. Compare it to Puzzle Quest, especially the latest version featuring a Marvel Super Heroes theme. Much more fun. Similar game play - but with a plot and better features.

But really, if you're stopped in traffic that is no excuse to whip out the phone. Listen to the radio to pass the time.