There's a limit to how much fun Somerville can subsidize, some officials say

Wicked Local Somerville reports a concert in Union Square could be off because alderman are objecting to sucking up the costs of police and DPW details - and portable toilets. The mayor, who supports the thing, notes the city picks up the police tab for events such as the annual Fluff festival; aldermen retort, yeah, but those are sponsored by the city, not by Budweiser and some media outlet from across the river.



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Just honestly curious-- is the failure in that statement that there is a "perfectly good" Union Square in Boston? Because there is, indeed, a Union Square in Boston, although it is a bit out of the way for an event like this. But at least it is in Boston itself.

Not knowing what RadioBDC is

Not knowing what RadioBDC is , i asked my pal Google , who said :

RadioBDC is a commercial alternative rock music internet radio station based in Boston, Massachusetts. It is owned by The Boston Globe and operates as a part of its website. ( from Wikipedia ) .

Well Budweiser is a for profit company ( thank you for all the cheerleader posters through the years ) , and Boston Globe dba tries to be , Thus ,pay the bills boys !


This is really bad scheduling

The Honk Parade and Harvard Square Oktoberfest (which incorporates a lot of Honk) are that very same Sunday.

Does it really make sense to have Davis, Porter, Harvard, and Union squares all closed to traffic simultaneously?

Also ... who the hell in Somerville drinks Budweiser? Mainstream beer drinkers here choose Harpoon or Sam Adams. Some hipsters go for PBR or Narragansett. Then you have the local-first craft-beer crowd who prefer Slumbrew, Pretty Things, Mystic Brewery, or the like.


Well the Budweiser house is

Well the Budweiser house is next door in Medford, maybe it is a neighbor thing . Maybe no one told the King of Beers that they werent needed here. Beers come and go, the hipster beers now , Pabst Blue Ribbon , and Narragansett , were once workingman's beer, found on the sticks at the barrooms, usually used to wash down the Old Thompson or Fleischmann's.