Three-wheeled boomboxes in Harvard Square

Big trikes

Gedalia Pasternak took a gander at the latest in wheeled transportation in Harvard Square last night:

Interesting rides in Harv sq, including rap videos playing on side of trikes.



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    ZX14 power is lots more interesting

    with about 200hp is more interesting than a 1L V-twin and 100hp! With only that much power, more weight and cost, a motorcycle is definitely better. I'm just saying that laws allow for more interesting 3 wheel motor vehicles than 4 wheeled ones. You may have to build your own, though.

    I've never owned a trike, just a learner bike, then 1000cc Ninja and Honda 900rr. I miss having a bike, but not having to be on high alert every second and the closed in feeling of a helmet. I don't have that with a Miata. For people in late 40s and over, risks of concentration lapses and riding go up.

    The teen and young adult market has confidence, but often short on cash. An older market with more cash and less confidence seems the target for trikes. Now they seem to want to reach lower age brackets with tarted up styling. More show than go.

    Looks like something else than spyder

    The brp is ridden on top of the engine.

    Those things have a much longer wheelbase, driver seated low, engine and transmission behind the driver. Like what an Ariel Atom might be with one rear wheel and bodywork allowing use in bad weather. The whole thing could be quite stable if the chassis could rotate for negative camber in turns given the very low CG.

    I have no opinion on these,

    I have no opinion on these, but some mid-life-crisis who works near my office has this crazy, three-wheeled motorcycle thing, with the two wheels in the front. It looks RIDICULOUS. I'm willing to bet that he didn't really feel comfortable riding a true motorcycle, and this was some compromise he made with his ego. Either that, or his wife wouldn't let him get a motorcycle, and this was the only alternative he could negotiate.

    age might be a factor. Over

    age might be a factor. Over the years, reflexes get slower, reaction times longer, balance gets worse, and the ability to do all of this while managing a heavy motorcycle just goes away. Veterans with missing limbs sometimes favor these vehicles, but most of them are so expensive. The current list price for a new T-Rex is more than $50,000.00.

    They would be deadly in a

    They would be deadly in a pedestrian collision and depending on the angle of impact could skewer someone in a car too. Those trikes don't have to meet the current car safety regulations which forbid designs which can impale people in collisions. Compare the design of these things to Apteras and you'll see the difference.


    You do realize that Kathode drives everywhere, even in the city, doesn't want to be responsible for anything and fears the boogyman behind every street sign - so I really doubt walking safety is the issue.


    Leaf blowers are noisy, too.

    You can go elsewhere and stay away from them, you know.

    How do you know they are noisy? Just looking at them?