Today's worst subway line: Red

First there were signal problems at Harvard. Now, "severe delays in service due to a track problem," specifically, a cracked rail near Central, are creating hordes of refugees. Mamajoan reports from Porter Square:

Commuters exiting Porter like rats from sinking ship. Buses crammed full, driver waving people on without paying.

Amy Lynne Grzybinski adds:

I've been on the train from Porter for 30 minutes and haven't left Kendall yet. HAHAHA

This is the first time a rail has cracked on the Red Line in almost three weeks.



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I successfully evaded them

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I successfully evaded them this morning by walking behind a guy with a bag who they detained. Why do they need five of them? Usually there are a few standing around yakking with each other. Good gig.

Shhhh, don't let the

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Shhhh, don't let the terrorists know one of the six dozen or so ways to evade these checkpoints.

Are you aware that each search costs around $10?

Yeah, but there haven't been

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Yeah, but there haven't been any bombings, so the bag searches, speeches by officials denouncing terr'ism, endless spending of money we don't have, harassment of normal citizens are all clearly vital to preventing another one from happening. If only this had occurred to us all sooner.

Atrocious ride

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It took 35 minutes to get from Broadway to South Station. They didn't announce there were delays until they shut the doors and moved 5 feet out of the station...if I had known, I would have walked.

Re: Trapped

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That's what I never understand. If the driver knows there is trouble up ahead, the passengers should be told before he pulls out of the station so we can make an informed decision.

I jumped out at Broadway yesterday, rode back to Andrew, took the #10 bus to Copley and jumped on the Green Line to Park.

That bus was a nightmare. It was packed with every person T riders dread: The old bearded lady who fights with everyone. The Asian ladies with the packed shopping carts. The guy who continually mumbles unintelligle comments. I mean, I couldn't believe it. This guy literally did not stop and I did not understand one word. The refugee from the Boston Medical Center ER insisting on bringing the wheelchair he stole onto the bus. And, of course, the work-release guys who swear every other word.

Not to mention the "sights" as you travel the route.

Anyway...can we please start a campaign to tell Richard Davey passengers should be given the option to get off the train if there is trouble up ahead so we can avoid being trapped on a train for 40 minutes. As far as the #10 bus, I guess that's life in the big not so world-class city.

40 minutes? Try 2 and a half

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40 minutes? Try 2 and a half hours when some idiot threw a newspaper onto the tracks and started a fire. We had just pulled out of Charles going south, and were maybe 200 yards from Park Street, when we were told there was a fire up ahead. Did they say "fire! Smoke in the tunnels! We have to evacuate!"? No, we all sat there on a dead train for two and a half hours before they evacuated the train - had us all walk down the cars, down a foot ladder onto the tracks and back up to Charles.

We had been moving out of Charles for all of about 45 seconds - the driver didn't know there was something up ahead blocking traffic? Did the dispatcher not tell him, or did he really say "there's a fire, but move up as close as you can to it." Why did they even leave Charles? If there's smoke in the tunnels, why are we sitting there waiting for it to reach us?

I still marvel at the facts that a) it was a 6:45pm train that wasn't packed to the gills, b) the evening temps had cooled so that it didn't become a sauna and c) I didn't have a bladder full of coffee as is the usual whenever I encounter a train delay.

My typical 10 minute ride ran long today.

It went from the usual 10 or so minutes, to about 40. I was unhappy with the whole ordeal. Then, I started to listen to my neighbors ipod headphones (they were up that loud). Then I figured, "why not read my other neighbors book at the same time". They were reading a book called War and Christian Ethics. Why stop there though? I then thought about taking a sip of another fellow commuters coffee(?). There I drew the line. The music and reading were enough to keep me happy.

Really, it blew.

A new record: Over an hour from North Quincy to South Station

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I got to North Quincy around 8:45 and got to South Station at 10. The worst part was that I couldn't get to my iPhone and had a song on repeat. I listened to "Hey Bulldog" by The Beatles over and over and over. I guess it could have been worse: it wasn't Justin Bieber.

Hey Bulldog

I LOVE that song!

Did you tell everyone else "You can talk to me...if you're lonely you can talk to me?"

It's one of my favorite Beatles songs but no

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I didn't sing out loud this morning.

If you're on the Red Line tomorrow and you see a tweet that says "@universalhub Some crazy lady on my train is singing 'OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!'" that's me because I am all out of giving a (bleep) and will lose my danged mind if there is a big delay tomorrow.

They should change the annoucemnet

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The MBTA should rework the schedule to account for the regular delay issues. Then when it actually runs right they could announce "We are ahead of schedule" rather then "Delayed due to...".

Oh wait we would probably never hear they were ahead of schedule...

How did they manage to fix

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How did they manage to fix this in the middle of the day, while trains were running?