A tough Boston etiquette question

Nancy wonders:

What is the proper etiquette when encountering someone on the train with an Aaron Hernandez jersey? Ignore? Eye roll? Smdh?



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short version: you can't.

all the new-from-the-store ones have been destroyed by the NFL, so you can't buy one. you'd have to find one second hand, but I can't really recommend that, because that would make you pretty twisted.

of course, you have apparently already been looking, so chances are you're already pretty twisted.

Appeal to their sense of greed..

If it offends you, the proper etiquette is to say to the person:

"Hey, pal, you realize they're getting up to 300 bucks apiece for that jersey on eBay? That's some serious cheddar for a stupid shirt, yo."

Of course, you could go the tabloid route:

"Yo,with the 300 you could get for that shirt on eBay, you could buy a shirt that tells people you're not a fan of the dumbest motherfucker on Earth."

From Boston?

You do realize a very large and significant number of people who ride the MBTA are not 'from Boston' or even MA? A significant, I'd dare say possibly majority, of people you'll encounter in central Boston, the touristy areas, etc., are likewise not 'from Boston', many not even from MA.

Generally, the few times I hear anyone speaking with a Boston dialect/accent, it's police, firefighters, emts, MBTA workers, etc., and even then many of them don't.

Don't blame all the 'rudeness', real or perceived, on people 'from Boston'.