Training for the Darwins on the Expressway

Truck surfers in Dorchester

State Police report a concerned motorist sent them this photo of a pair of truck surfers on the southbound Expressway near South Bay yesterday, and urge the public to report stuff like this immediately:

They ended up hopping off and running off the highway. It was not reported to us at the time of incident.



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How about a passenger?

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Doesn't have to be the driver. Could've just been another passenger in the car taking that photo.

Seems silly

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Given the traffic around there, it would have been faster just to walk.



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the hell out of the MBTA!


Darwinism sums up this photo fairly well I must say....


BPS summer school transportation

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How do you expect the kiddos to get home to Dorchester from Charlestown High? It's too bad it was raining the day this picture was taken.

Is this Bumper Jumping?

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Or skid hopping? I've heard folks from adjacent neighborhoods argue about the differences between the two, before ...