Try not to mist up when you see the photo with the Rat

BU's put together a slideshow on the changing face of Kenmore Square. You can also see larger versions of some of the photos.



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really fucking depressing.
bring on the homoegenization of the country.

anyone miss deli haus? and the 24-hr ihop? as a former raver (!), I spent my formative years there, sobering up at 4:30am to the unpleasant realization that the trains wouldn't start running for a while...
jesus I feel old.


I bet I was sitting right next to you in Deli Haus after a club night, watching the Simpsons, listening to awful 80s metal and eating fries. R.I.P.

I'll Go You One Better

I was at The Rat in bands PLAYING awful 80's metal. Yeah, Kenmore Square was something sort of special.


P.S. In case anyone is wondering, the bands I played with were (in chronological order) Worlds End, Live Wire, Powerline, P.S. Wild, City Limits, Soldier, and Assault & Battery. Yup, I'm not surprised. Nobody else ever heard of us, either. The one that played The Rat was P.S. Wild.

All a fog...

I confess, I was usually drunk enough by the time we hit the Rat that there is no chance I'd remember the name of any bands I saw there...But I'll pretend that I saw you for old time's sake. And given that tomorrow (well, 3 minutes from now as of this writing) is my birthday, that's a year-older-time's sake. :)

(I will also confess; I didn't realize that the Buckminster used to be a HoJos. So I guess I'm not *that* old, huh? :) )

Buckminster HoJo's

With that photo as evidence, I retract my statement! I had no idea.

During my late-70s stay in Kenmore Square, the Buckminster was not a hotel, but rather a dormitory for Grahm Junior College. I remember the White Fuel sign quite well.


I lived in Kenmore in 1997 (The Charlesview) and as far as I knew the HoJos was still operating on some level. Maybe I was mistaken but I thought part of it was for the dorm (the hotel rented the rooms to BU at a bulk price or something) and very small part was the hotel. When my building burned down the HoJos offered up rooms for people to stay in.

Comm. Ave. Hojos

The Howard Johnsons at 575 Comm. Ave. was in operation as a hotel until at least 2001. At some point after that it became a high end luxury dorm for BU students with wealthy parents.

Until this thread, I had no idea about the Hojos that once occupied the Buckminster, but I do remember when it was Storyville in the 80s (where the Pizzeria Uno is now), which was a rock and roll club back when Boston had many of them. Just one more part of the cool Kenmore Square that is gone.

NOT a luxury dorm

Unless you think three loft beds, three desks, three dressers, and three wardrobes crammed into a hotel room is luxury.

I've been in that dorm, it's more like a cramped summer camp bunk or minimum security prison.

totally miss deli haus and

totally miss deli haus and the ihop somewhat... lol! the rat was great of course. Here's the thing, suburbanites love to come to the city and go to our universities, but they want everything white-washed, homogenized and turned into frozen yogurt shops and barnes & nobles.

No Surfing In Dorchester Bay

That's Richie Parsons of Unnatural Axe walking into the Rat with the surfboard. Must have been a photo session for his single "No Surfing In Dorchester Bay", which places the photo in 1979/1980. A cool record. Notice all the pay phones. Those are another thing of the past.

Kenmore Square in it's glorious grimy heyday was a destination. I can't imagine anyone now saying "Let's Go To Kenmore Square". There's nothing there.

Piv Nerts

Hey adamg,
as the drummer and co founder of the band, I can tell you we were not chemistry students officially, however the Ideal Gas Law is usefull and fun in more ways than one might consider !!

Apart from three of the best

Apart from three of the best bars in Boston/the US. Fresh local oysters and leading lights in craft cocktails? Yep, no reason at all. Kenmore may have been so frickin great when you were a poor teen alt-music fan; it's also where I stepped on a dead rat.

Sage Hotels

Ironic that BU has sold the Hotel Commonwealth to a company called Sage Hospitality. The Howard Johnson's Motor Inn that used to be in Kenmore Square -- not the Buckminster, but the 1960s hotel on the north side of Comm. Ave. -- was built and owned by a local developer named Sage. I think his first name was Robert. He owned a small local chain of hotels, most of which had the name "Fenway", including motels in Revere, Cambridge, Kenmore Square, Boylston St. near Fenway Park, and I think Newton. As far as I can tell, there's no connection between him and the Sage Hospitality company, which is based in Denver.