Turning ugly old bus depot into art

Iseut reports how she and other volunteers helped put up an installation called "Before I Die" at the old Bartlett bus yard in Roxbury today:

The irony is that, Bartlett Yard, as this community has known it for several years, will die as an eyesore and environmental hazard and be reborn into a vibrant arts space. Before it dies, come and write your aspirations and become part of that rebirth.



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    Ugly In The Eye of the Beholder

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    I rememeber being 3, almost 4, in the summer of 1972 and jumping into my dad's arms in the parking lot of Bartlett Yards as he came off his shift one day as a bus driver for the T. Call it ugly but it looked great that day to me.

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    Dudley has changed a lot since '72

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    But those of us who live here now are creating memories that will be just as sweet to our children 40 and 50 years from now. C'mon down to Bartlett Yard, John, and check it out!

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