Twice in three days, men pulled off Blue Line tracks

A man wound up on the tracks at Airport station around 8:30 p.m. on Thursday. The train operator managed to stop the train before hitting him. An MBTA spokesman declined to say how the man ended up on the tracks but said he was not seriously hurt (click to see a photo from the scene, forwarded by Heath - it's not gory, but could be disturbing).

Around 1 p.m. today, Jenn Martinelli reports:

A guy just fell on the tracks at Maverick Station right before the train arrived. 3 people jumped right down to help. The train was almost at the station and they just jumped right down and got him.



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I understand that I can't

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I understand that I can't particularly stop you from posting this picture, but what stands to be gained by showing this? It's really disturbing to me.

The reason to post

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Is to show what happened. But you're right - it could be a disturbing photo, so I've taken it off the home page and you now have to click a link to see it.


Buck Up

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C'mon, that's not a 'disturbing' picture. Do you want what goes on in our world to be perfectly sanitized before the news reaches you?

(I'm the anon that posted

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(I'm the anon that posted that first comment.)

I don't particularly care if it's left up or removed, but I just don't see what it adds to the story at all. Granted I have an irrational fear of being pushed onto train tracks exacerbated by those NYC subway situations, I was just pointing out that it's not the best thing to come across on this site.

With the circumstances being

With the circumstances being that the gentleman was not seriously injured, the picture definitely adds to the story; it shows how closely he escaped disaster. I think it could even be a little comforting to someone who is afraid of the subway to know that the worst possible outcomes don't always happen.


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I was one of those guys today before 1 pm. Am I on crack, or is this story about another incident? This picture certainly doesn't reflect wht happened today!