Two adults, two children found murdered in Arlington home

WCVB reports.



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    Murdered?! What the F#$%? I saw this miserable story on BDC and immediately thought that it was a carbon monoxide tragedy. I can't believe this.


    The Globe just changed the

    The Globe just changed the headline to say police are not looking for suspects and the public is not in danger in any way. So the police probably think it looks like a murder-suicide and they are just waiting for the autopsy.


    Its that time of year for depression

    Its that time of year for depression - shorter days, daylight savings time seems to make them even shorter, colder weather, worse to come... The twin boys reportedly would have turned 1 year old next week. Sad.


    I used to live across the street.

    I know Mary, too. Didn't know that family, though. When we lived there it was still a rental.

    Heartbreaking and so sad and strange.


    I was married to a daughter of the original owners

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    Edith Harmon lived their for 50 - 60 yrs, and her family before her. Her daughter Alice lived on the second floor. I was in that house all of the time. So sad to hear of such a tragedy in that house. Although knowing the history of that place, there was a lot of drama there.

    You'd know the Gardner family, then?

    They lived upstairs from us, and Kay had been there for 50-60 years. Her mom owned the place, but she died. Then the brothers and sisters squabbled over the estate and the house was sold as a result. Kay and Ozzy eventually moved to Lake St.

    Murder in Arlington home

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    This brings back bad memories of the day the family in Winchester, MA was discovered...young children, wife and mother-in-law murdered by the husband. He tried, unsuccessfully, to kill himself afterwards but couldn't go through with it. Coward. I heard the sirens that day in June when I was working in Winchester. No exuse for killing the innocent.


    Why Fox dont show a picture of the father

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    Why FOX news haven't show the fathers picture once, is it because he is white? they keep on showing a picture of just the mother and two kids but never the father.. And no I am not racist.. I'm just saying Fox news is racist and corrupted... They have every information about the past troubled life of mr Jones but they wont show a picture of his face at all, they just show the rest of the family which looks asian. And not the white fater

    You need to watch more stations

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    I'm betting it's not racism but just that Channel 25 didn't get the guy's photo. It happens - one thing I do NOT miss about working for a media outlet is the pressure to get photos of dead people. In any case, Channel 7 has his photo.

    I do watch other news station

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    I do watch other news stations and did see the pic on 7 News, that's why I made that comment about FOX!