Two adults, two children found murdered in Arlington home

WCVB reports.



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    I used to live across the street.

    I know Mary, too. Didn't know that family, though. When we lived there it was still a rental.

    Heartbreaking and so sad and strange.


    Murder in Arlington home

    This brings back bad memories of the day the family in Winchester, MA was discovered...young children, wife and mother-in-law murdered by the husband. He tried, unsuccessfully, to kill himself afterwards but couldn't go through with it. Coward. I heard the sirens that day in June when I was working in Winchester. No exuse for killing the innocent.


    Why Fox dont show a picture of the father

    Why FOX news haven't show the fathers picture once, is it because he is white? they keep on showing a picture of just the mother and two kids but never the father.. And no I am not racist.. I'm just saying Fox news is racist and corrupted... They have every information about the past troubled life of mr Jones but they wont show a picture of his face at all, they just show the rest of the family which looks asian. And not the white fater