Two-alarm fire displaces five in Dorchester

Moultrie Street fire

Moultrie Street fire. Photo by DWIGS.

A fire reported at 11:48 a.m. in a two-family house at 24 Moultrie St. went to two alarms.

No residents were hurt but two firefighters suffered leg injuries. The Boston Fire Department estimates damage at $400,000 and says the cause is under investigation.

Inside the building (photo by BFD):

Inside Moultrie Street



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    Clear Snow from Hydrants

    The firefighters tweeted a picture from the scene "clear your hydrants". Apparently a cleared-off hydrant was helpful:

    Very good idea for the safety of your neighborhood - whether you live in Boston or not.

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    Thanks for the reminder. On

    Thanks for the reminder. On my JP street all of us would chip in to make sure the hydrant stayed clear (it was often buried in a ginormous snowbank.) Where I live now, I'm not so sure. This is a good reminder to get out there with a shovel.....

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