Two-alarm fire races through Dorchester three decker

Dave Avery reports firefighters are at 14 Hildreth St. battling a fire that has already caused the second- and third-floor decks to collapse.



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    Nebulous Line In Spots

    For instance, I lived in Lower Mills, zip 02126, equidistant to River Street, Washington Street, Richmond Street, and some folks called where I lived Mattapan. I called it Dorchester; still do (and I'm right, dammit!) As kids, we considered anything west of Health Commission on River (was a hospital then) to be Mattapan.

    This does look like 02124, though, and I've never heard any part of that zip described as anything but Dorchester.




    People lost their home for the holidays and y'all are going back & forth about if it's Dorchester or Mattapan! Let's get serious...
    Anyways, Everyone made it out safe!
    But my cousin lost everything she worked hard for.... This is so sad...



    They do this all the time, and I don't understand it either. It really doesn't matter.

    I hope your cousin can find peace, shelter, and some help with her losses. So good that all escaped, though. That does matter!


    No disrespect intended

    It's a strange Universal Hub thing, commenting on neighborhood boundaries. I could see where it is trivial, but we are much nicer than the bicycle commenters. If we read that there were injuries, things would have been quieter. The goals shift for shootings. Those poor injured people are being treated while we dither about whether an address is in Roxbury or Jamaica Plain or wherenot. But fatalities tend not to get such discussion.

    It is sad that people lost their things, but it is good that they are physically well.