Two-alarm fire ravages apparent pot house in Roxbury

Boston firefighters battling a two-alarm fire at 10 Wyoming St. last night discovered pot plants growing inside. More than 100, WBZ reports.

The Boston Fire Department reports two firefighters were injured in the blaze - one when he was forced to jump from a second-floor window onto a porch to avoid the fire. Damage from the fire, reported around 11 p.m., was estimated at $500,000. The cause is under investigation.



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      That's the gray area in

      That's the gray area in Boston where I can never figure out what neighborhood I'm in. It's either Roxbury or Dorchester. I would have guessed Dot, because it's east of Washington Street, but even that seems arbitrary on my part.

      ETA: Even GoogleMaps calls it Roxbury. So, I'm wrong.

      It is Roxbury. The only

      It is Roxbury. The only people who get confused are people who aren't from the area. The reason some people thing it's Dorchester is because the area use the Grove Hall post office which is physically in Dorchester. But that area is definitely Roxbury. Washington street doesn't really have much to do with it as it runs through many communities.


      Of the people I know who live in that area and have been there for generations, I'd say that more of them think they live in Roxbury, but there certainly seem to be a statistically significant number of multi-generation families in that area who think they live in Dorchester too.


      Grew up on wabon st (one street over). Fathers deed says roxbury. A couple of the borders of roxbury are labeled with small yellow signs rhat say roxbury mass. Corner of blue hill and seaver. Corner of hungtington and south huntington. Corner of mass ave and melnea cass.