Two arrested on charges of using Red Line tracks in Dorchester as a canvas

Transit Police report arresting men from Boston and Providence early this morning on charges they sprayed graffiti at six locations along the Red Line in Dorchester.

Police say officers nabbed Joseph Domoracki, 23, of Boston and Max McGuigan, 23, of Providence around 2:40 a.m. on the tracks, near where they cross under Dorchester Avenue a couple blocks south of Andrew Square. Both, police say, were "walking in a hurried state" and carrying backpacks:

Upon further investigation discovered Domoracki and McGuigan were in possession of several spray paint cans, rubber gloves, various spray can tips and other items relating to graffiti. Additionally officers noted both Domoracki and McGuigan had fresh paint about their clothing.

Both are expected to be arraigned today in Dorchester District Court on charges of malicious destruction of property and trespassing.

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Extended Adolescence

Isn't 23 years old getting a little old for this type of vandalism? Oh, excuse me, I mean "street art"? It's like the 30 year old skateboarders I see around. This whole extended adolescence thing is getting tedious. How long can grafitti and skateboarding be considered a "lifestyle"?

30 year old skateboarders

The (approximately) 30 year old skateboarders I saw were on the T, carrying their skateboards, wearing their scruffy gear and straggy unshaven stubble, red-eyed and reeking of pot. There were four of them. I doubt they were headed to work.

You might be mistaken

Many people live and work considerable distances from stations. I know several relatively "scruffy" people (probably by your standards, as they lack a starched collar and that critical bone you know where) aged 30 to 50 who use them to get to their six-figure salary jobs in Fort Point without having to make seventy transit connections from North Station and other lines.

Haters will hate ...


Just skate with traffic

Every September I see a major uptick in skateboarders who like to ride on the street opposite the direction of traffic, often in the bike lanes. They are welcome to ride on the street but they need to go with traffic. (Same goes with bikes and cars.)

Runners need to get off the damn sidewalks

I'm tired of these clowns who decide to go for a run late afternoon-early evening on crowded sidewalks, especially on Beacon Hill and the B.B. They automatically expect you to move [jump?] out of their way. I know it's cool to be seen running in cool locations, but show some respect for everybody else. Run in a park or along the river, not on crowded sidewalks.


Why does this bother you?

are you bitter because your own adolescence was cut short? im very sorry if you were abused. or are you just resentful because you are so out of shape that you can not enjoy athletic activities like skateboarding?

Over 30?

You should be doing the right thing like getting drunk at a sports bar and playing fantasy football. Maybe a round of golf and some yard work. Those things are way better than skateboarding.

Really. Too bad your old body

Really. Too bad your old body cant skate at 30. How come a bunch of old fat guys playing slow pitch softball isn't "tedious". Skateboarding, at any age, takes way more skill. At close to 40, my old body can still a lot because things like skateboarding have kept it strong.

Go back to being fat and ugly.

How is skateboarding

any different than snowboarding, skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, mountain biking etc? Am I to assume the acceptable outdoor activity for the 30 plus crowd is golf? Give me a break. IMO you're never to old to do what you love.


Never too old, unless...

There's a similar cut off age for all sports and activities. You know, the beer league softball/baseball players? A little old for pretending you're Big Papi, no? Biking? Why? Are you trying out for the Tour De France? Basketball? Hockey? Skiing? Surfing? Football? Snowboarding? Swimming? What the hell is the difference? Perception, and that's about it.


Hated Because She Was A Nun

There's no proof Diana Nyad cheated; rather, oceanographers confirmed she was in the right place at the right time to catch a swift moving northbound current in the Gulf Stream.

Her detractors are just grumbling over sour grapes; they hate her because she used to be a nun.