Two charged with Dorchester murder; one had been acquitted for a 2004 murder

UPDATE: Victim identified as Romeo McCubbin, 25.

Boston Police report two men arrested on gun charges in Hyde Park after a chase from near the scene of a Dorchester murder early yesterday are now also being charged with the murder.

Omar Denton, 29, of Milton, and Omar Bonner, 26, will be arraigned Monday in Dorchester District Court on charges of murder, illegal weapons possession and resisting arrest. Police say they gunned down a man in his 20s around 1:45 a.m. outside 7 Havelock St.

Both have prior gun convictions. In 2007, Denton was acquitted on a murder charge for the death of a man who allegedly tried to stop him from beating a woman outside a house party on West Selden Street in Mattapan in 2004. His lawyer successfully argued Denton was the victim of mistaken identity.

Police have yet to release the name of Saturday's victim.

Police say Denton and Bonner were arrested after they parked on Wood Avenue, a street that has had its own problems with violence.

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Just minor collateral damage from proper justice being served (i.e. thugophile catch and release MA justice system) - nothing to see here folks, move right along.

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