Two girls, one alley posts video and photos that suggest a) the North End needs more public restrooms, b) Never do anything in the North End you don't want to see on video, and c) Yecch. Probably best to file this one as NSFW.



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    ....your Pulitzer should be coming any day now.


    Holy crap!

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    What did she eat?!?!



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    And I'm always hearing how us men are the disgusting ones...

    Why don't they have boyfriends?

    When converted into a parklet with trees and grass, won't more dogs and other animals be drawn to crap there?

    I'm thinking highly visible video camera housings (with or without camera) and bright lighting would reduce problems in alleys.

    Been in MA long?

    Maybe they are girlfriends. You never know.

    Also, bright lights would be something the locals would insist was destroying their city.


    If it were Cambridge, JP, Roz, perhaps

    Odds are that the two women out partying in the North End are straight. It wasn't Ptown or a truck stop. My point is that they might not be good catches.

    Lighting is a good thing for also deterring muggings, rapes, and street fights. Lighting is the lesser of evils. It looked like businesses abutted the alley more than residences where night time light might be an annoyance.

    Do you just post replies to be contrary?

    Those people

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    They only stay in their gay neighborhoods.

    Do you even know what year it is? Move to Texas, please. Plenty of outdated bigoted stupidity and pavement for you there.



    I think you're over-reading and being overly hostile as a response. His urban design views have no bearing to quip on that and it is not unreasonable to make guess the most likely areas.

    He was stating the odds of the two girls of being a couple (which going by general population estimate from 1% to 10% at most) to counter Swirlygrrl being unnecessarily contrarian by nitpicking at small points from the main point (picking about they could be a couple versus the main point of being a "that's a real keeper" joke).

    Accusing bigotry should not be used lightly. Saying it's not that likely (like saying the odds of picking a random pair to be Asian in the North End versus Chinatown is the random pair is much more likely to be Asian if randomly picked in Chinatown - is that a bigoted postulation?)does not qualify for such an accusation.


    The comments crack me up

    I don't know where the readers from were twenty-five years ago, but it either wasn't the North End or they are in extreme denial.

    I remember being warned as an undergrad about wandering around there at night because of purse snatchings and muggings. I know people who lived there in the 80s who confirm that it was a problem (and that nobody would do anything about it).

    I also remember in the mid- to late-1980s buying illegal fireworks in an old school yard reached via a bunch of narrow alleys and streets, presided over by a Boston Cop.

    Then there was the time that I left a friend's house and tried to take a short cut through an alleyway. I thought better of it when I realized that there was some "customer service" being performed against the walls of an alley by a couple of prostitutes, with a nasty looking person at the far end acting as lookout/pimp.

    Oh, did I mention that the entire area often smelled like what was left in that alley? Possibly from Haymarket or ripe restaurant leavings in August, but nasty just the same.

    Oh, but none of these things never used to happen in The Good Old Days. Nuh uh!

    It's denial

    If you listen to my older relatives the place was the Garden of Eden until the highway came down and all these students and yuppies moved in. I think it's a case of The Devil You Know as well. Years ago there were certainly muggings and attacks but my recollection is that the victims were mainly outsiders, not people who lived in the neighborhood.

    I will say I'm less certain of the neighborhood than I used to be. My perception is that there are fewer crimes now but they seem more random in location and severity. I haven't seen a prostitute in action (that I know of) in several years, but I saw an attempted purse snatching from the fire escape of my building about a year ago and that just isn't something that would have happened on my street when I was a kid.

    As a North Ender and frequent

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    As a North Ender and frequent reader of the local website, I can confirm that the only thing posted there with a connection to reality is the events posting for the Library.