South Boston stabbing victim dies; father and son arrested

Updated after arraignment.

Elias Sanchez, 43, and Angel Sanchez, 16, both of South Boston, face murder charges for the fatal stabbing of Edwin Santos, 29, at the entrance to Bell's market on Dorchester Street yesterday afternoon, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The younger Sanchez was arraigned today in South Boston District Court and ordered held without bail, the DA's office says.

His father is currently in the hospital with a stab wound of his own, suffered in the fight, and will be arraigned once his health improves enough, possibly tomorrow, the DA's office says

Innocent, etc.




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    Stabbings in Southie/Shootings in Dot

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    Does anyone know what triggered the rash of stabbings in Southie this weekend or all the shootings in Dorchester?

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    full moon?

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    full moon?

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