The ultimate Masshole job: Snowplow driver

Watch and listen (audio NSFW).

Don't worry, Bostonians, Masshole Carl Spackler here works (worked?) in Lowell, WBZ reports.



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What a tool

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On the other hand, shouldn't the cars not be parked during the snow emergency anyway?

Regardless, this guy is a dick.

PS, the Tony Montana line was classic.

Not a Tool

He made it so these car owners only need to shovel out their car plus 1 foot of street, as opposed to their car plus 4 feet of street prior to plow. How is this dickish behavior?


How is this dickish

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How is this dickish behavior?

Clearly you listened to the video with the audio off.


just click thru

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it's still available thru whatever newscast link.

Was he shooting video?

Was he shooting video while driving? Fire his ass for that shit, who cares about the rest? He's doing a job that has to be done, and, as someone else said, aren't those cars supposed to be off the street anyway?


Carl used to work at Bushwood

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Carl used to work at Bushwood until that unfortunate incident with the gopher. Lowell needs to do reference checks.


Kind of

He made the TV news. Apparently this was his 20th hour of plowing or so, so yah, a bit of sleep deprivation...

If it has to be done

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Why not enjoy the work?

We should all be so lucky.


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the globe is reporting that he was fired.

That sucks...

... if I were a Town Manager, I'd effing hire him. Hell, I'd buy him a dashboard cam (a la Russia) and have him post every storm.