Uphams Corner is buzzing this afternoon

Bee swarm

UPDATE: Late this afternoon, Best Bees worked with city animal control to relocate the bees someplace better for them - and people.

You can't see the license plate of this car at Stoughton and Sumner streets because IT'S COVERED IN BEES. Live bees. Bees that are probably looking for a more permanent place to live. Like your attic. Photo by OffTheDot, who says:

Definitely live and buzzing! Seemed more into swarming than attacking. Stood on edge of swarm without incident (and no sudden movements).



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Swarms are peaceful - the

Swarms are peaceful - the bees are gorged with honey and clustering around their queen, looking for a roomier home. Hopefully there's a local beekeeper out there who might consider this their lucky day.

[girly scream]

That is when I deed the car to the bees. No way am I trying to take that thing back.

In all seriousness, does anyone know what would make them do that? Like, is there something in the trunk or on the trunk that might attract them?


They have been there all day. The owner of the car drove around the block a few times and then parked it in front of school bus stop. A drunk went over and started to sweep them away with his hand, until someone grab him.
They are very calm and the queen is still with them. Boston Police said it is the owners problem.
I posted on Boston Bees Google hoping someone might go collect them.

You may not have intended to...

But the visual of that has given me the best laugh I've had all day. Not sure what is funnier, the thought of the driving speeding up and stopping short trying to get them off his/her car, or the brave drunk trying to swat them away. Bus stop - not so funny.

I gotta admit....

Your postings do make me laugh. You remind me of that guy from "The Godfather"

In my city, we would keep the traffic in the dark people, the coloreds. They're animals anyway, so let them lose their souls.


The bees were waiting for their scouts to find them new home. The hive they came from was over crowded hive and 1/3 to 1/2 tswarmed. The idiot who owned the car left it at a school bus stop, I spoke to him and he refused to move it because the bees started to enter the inside of the vehicle. A drunk kept wanting to sit on them and then another guy came out with a can of Raid. The bees were not at all agitated, I explained that if he started to spray the bees would attack him and everyone else. The Police and Fire were useless. If you are calm and work very slow there are no need for gloves. Bees have other things to do than attack humans unless provoked. I have two hives and never been stung. I thought this spring I had a few Zombie bees, but it was a false alarm.
If the bees disappear from this plant so will we.