Venerable Allston bicycle shop closing

Today is the last day for Bicycle Bill's on North Harvard Street. Its Facebook page now sports an icon reading "I'm retired. Do it yourself!" as well as a notice that the shop closes forever at 5 p.m. today.

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Naw, it's the perfect place

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Naw, it's the perfect place for a parking lot or garage. We need an overabundance to serve Boston's growing population of corporate bank branches, cell phone stores, hair & nail salons with shady backroom massage therapy, and ubiquitous Irish pubs or chain sports bars.


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The owner is retiring, you're acting like they had their rent raised by a greedy landlord or something. Go buy the buisness is you want to preserve this piece of "old boston"...

I for one will lament loosing the best bike shop in the area. Despite the (rather large) amount of snark, arnie was the most knowledgeable bike guy I've met.

I'm just lamenting the loss

I'm just lamenting the loss of something that's been there literally as long as I can remember, and remarking that it is unlikely to be replaced by anything as distinctive or interesting.


do you know if arnie has

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do you know if arnie has moved someplace else? if so, that's absolutely where i want to take my bikes.

I wonder if Harvard bought the land/building

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I just went there last month. I always found the prices for supplies to be way cheaper than other places. It looked like he/they had remodeled somewhat inside although that may have been quite some time ago. I wonder who/what will open up there - or if it was bought by Harvard.


If Harvard bought the property, they only did so recently, and they bought it directly from the owner of the shop. According to this piece on Paul Sager has owned the property since 1996.

I agree that it's sad to see a funky place that's been around forever closing, but sometimes small business owners decide that it's time to cash in their chips and retire. I can't begrudge them that.


The sad part

Is that there is not much in that area. At least the bike place brought people. That is a sad loss and I do not even bike.