Venerable Roslindale pizza place closing

Last MJ's pizza

Jen Langley's last MJ's pie, ordered last night.

MJ's, which has been dishing up pizza and subs for nearly 40 years, closes Sunday. Steve O'Malley, the owner, is retiring.

MJ's started on Hyde Park Avenue, moved to Belgrade Avenue near Walworth, then moved down Belgrade to the West Roxbury line after a fire.

Katie Schilling, for one, is sad to see MJ's go, calling O'Malley "a saint:"

Helped a lot of people over the years who were down on their luck. Sad news!

Kathy Cahill adds:

what a shame! My kids love it! Thanks to Steve and staff, nice people.



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I don't eat as much pizza and subs as I used to, but I've been going to MJ's for over 20 years. Great subs, nice people. Once I picked up a pizza on Christmas Eve and they gave it to me for free. I'll miss them!

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MJ"s closing

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Wow, moved to California recently and have been looking for a place like MJ's ever since. Stevie O'Malley is a great guy, served a great turkey club and delish pizza. I wish him good luck in all the future endeavors!

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Two Boots Pizza in LA

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They sell proper East Coast pizza. They've got a walk-up down by the Orpheum and another in Echo Park.

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I never loved their food, but I'm surprised there's no sale of the business. I think they had a air amount of institutional business with places like Willowpath.

Pleasant Cafe better have a real succession plan in place.

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Ugh. I wish I had known sooner so I could thank them for years of delivery to our house. "It'll be 30-45 minutes." It never was. Always prompt and tasty, we'll miss it for sure.

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I was wondering what was going on when I tried to order from them through Foodler a few minutes ago! Damn, they were my favorite place. I wish them the best of luck in retirement and thank them for the 400 pizzas I must've ordered from them over the years.

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