Wait, shouldn't the orange lights be moving?

Beverly Scott watches blinking lights

At the height of the storm, the T posted a photo of General Manager Beverly Scott watching the displays at the T's High Street command center.

That was just about when a train at Tufts Medical Center on the Orange Line decided it wanted a change of careers, stranding the same sort of commuters who got stuck when another Orange Line train died at Sullivan Square in the morning commute.

At 5:07, Leigh Montgomery tweeted:

Stuck underground, did not make 1 stop. Between Back Bay & Tufts

Ten minutes later, she reported:

Just arrived at Tufts. We will be walking to N Station from here



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Oh, is that..

what she looks like? She has been the least visible T manager that I can remember. And what have they done with Joe Pesaturo? You never see them making excuses on TV anymore.


Really? Because I gotta say

Really? Because I gotta say that I could pass Joe Pesaturo on the street and have no idea whom I was seeing.

It doesn't really matter to me about the T GM's "visibility" but rather that the trains and buses are running. MBTA sounds like a complete shit-storm at the moment. I think it's going to take a tunnel collapse killing hundreds of people before something is done.


Zombie Red Line Train

I had to get somewhere at 3:15 and the train that pulled up nearly burst my eardrums with the racket! It was so old that I kind of vainly hoped it was one of the ones with the hard plastic benches, but no such luck.

It shook and rattled and howled its way along the line, so loud in the cars that I gave up on my headphones.

When it ground into Davis it left brake stench to beat the band. Like a banshee train it was!

Made me wonder if this is all they have that will run in such low temperatures. Or if it was undead from the train yard.


Subway 2 step

Orange and Red lines seem to frequently have 2 trains close to each other and the a long wait; sort of a T 2 step. With being able to see where trains are it would make sense that they would try to space trains out better. Oh - sense, not something the T recognizes.

Perhaps what the folks in the T control center need are 3D monitors. Even if they are powerless over a collapsing system at least it would be cool to watch.