Wait, we thought Walter White was fictional and into meth, not bank robbery

Walter White lookalike bank robber

Natick Police report a man held up the Citizens Bank branch on Main Street last week after telling tellers he had cancer:

Subject stated he was Anthony Digioermo working under Mark Johnson for corporate security and was there for an audit. He also stated he was wearing a wig because he has cancer. He brandished a gun and stated it was a 9mm. Threatened the bank if they called within five minutes of him leaving the bank he would release a CO2 canister containing a “gas”. Subject removed several types of foreign currency (euros, pounds, Canadian currency) in the amount of $4300 and $150 worth of American Express Travelers Check.



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    Not to mention he's

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    obviously a Lex Luthor protoge (threatening to release poison gas pellets).

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    I resisted the urge to tweet

    I resisted the urge to tweet a Breaking Bad joke so hard due to a recent area murder by a man named Walter White. Damn morals.

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    Dude is confusing...or confused.

    Watch out, everyone, I"ve got a CO2 cartridge that contains some type of GAS...oh shit...next thing you know he'll say he's got a beverage container full of some sort of LIQUID.

    And give me all your money. But first, let me show YOU some money. Lookit---I've got foreign currency--you know, the kind that APPRECIATES in value. Now, give me that some of those shitty dollars.

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    I think what the Natick Police meant

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    was that the dude removed the foreign currency and traveler's checks from the bank as part of the robbery, and not from his pocket during the robbery.

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